CE Workshop | Yoga For Adolescent Mental Health: Understanding The Developing Brain

September 7, 2023

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About This Event

Globally, one in seven 10-19 year olds experiences a mental health condition, accounting for 13% of the global burden of disease in this age group.

Adolescence is marked by a number of changes in the brain that can cause the onset of many major mental health conditions. When identified, resources and accessible tools, like yoga, can be provided to help them navigate this difficult developmental period. Offering meaningful yoga classes, workshops, and events can positively impact the physical and mental health of our adolescents and provide them with life-long skills for a better mind-body connection.

In this workshop, we will discuss how to teach a class or workshop to help foster adolescent development, including lesson planning tips and classroom techniques.

This will include digestible information on the science of brain development, paired with practical applications.

In this workshop we will explore the adolescents:

  • Social focus shifts from home life to their peers
  • Increase in self-consciousness and the impact on wellbeing
  • Building skills of identifying intentions of others
  • Moving from a ‘generalist’ brain to a ‘specialist’ brain through neurological pruning
  • Drop in level of dopamine and the impact on mood and why we see an Increase in risk taking behavior and the need to help adolescents find ‘meaningful risk’
  • Developing Identity Formation

...and more!

Join us for this workshop filled with digestible information and practical guidance for those interested in creating a nurturing and safe environment for adolescent aged children and teens in their classes.

About the Presenters

Pooja is a mom, studio founder, author, MBA/MPH and known for her love of philosophy. She specializes in yoga & meditation for babies through teens, meditation and philosophy. Through philosophy, her goal is to masterfully detail the texts of yoga tradition in a digestible way and guide students to create a modern actionable plan from all of the sage advice. As a yoga educator, Pooja often leads Kids Yoga Teacher Training programs in local schools for staff and teachers.

The Sharma sisters bring their 20+ years of teaching experience and lifelong learnings to their personalized RYS Teacher Training programs, retreats, classes and workshops. You can join them and bring the studio experience right to your home with their newly launched online membership, Soul Power Yoga at Home. Enjoy a growing library of classes plus weekly live classes and more to come in Ayurveda, Philosophy and Motherhood.

Dr. Margaret Jessop, PsyD was introduced to yoga while attending UC Berkeley. It was a perfect counterpoint to her rigorous training with the rowing team. After finishing her undergraduate degree in psychology, she worked as a preschool teacher and, in hindsight, was facilitating savasana for a room of twelve 2-year-olds each day at nap time. She went back to school to study both developmental and clinical psychology and has been working as a psychologist with children ever since, with a specialization in anxiety and mood disorders. Margaret completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training during the pandemic and has been incorporating movement, mindfulness, and brain science in her clinical work and workshops for parents and children for the past eight years.

Margaret has also published two children’s books that integrate her psychological and yoga training. Hornets & Hippos: How to use Imagination, Mindfulness and Brain Science to Decrease Fear and Anger and Reach your Goals, a workbook for children 6-12, and Hornet and Hippo Count the Stars: Mindfulness-Based Stories and Activities to Calm Anxiety and Balance the Mind, which is a set of six stories and teaching content for families, schools and yoga classes for children ages 4-10. Her first picture book, where Hornet and Hippo embrace their natural curiosity and take off on a mushroom hunt, comes out this year.

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