Contact and Non-Contact Hours


Contact Hours

Number of in-person classroom hours in the physical presence of a faculty member. Contact hours must be in a dedicated teacher training environment (into which others might occasionally be invited) rather than in classes intended for the general public.


Non-Contact Hours

Number of hours of learning that occurs outside of the classroom, without a faculty member present. All non-contact hours should be relevant to yoga and/or anatomy and physiology. These outside resources should be thoughtfully chosen to support the training. Non-contact hours must be an assigned part of the curriculum and may include:

  • Reading, audio/video or internet resources that incorporate an assessment including reports, class discussions, presentations or tests
  • Webinars on yoga-related topics
  • Written assignments on yoga-related topics; may be counted for all categories except Practicum
  • Group activities including directed discussion, techniques practice or teaching practice
  • Evaluation of yoga classes outside of the program, with the following stipulations:
    • Each class must be evaluated via a written or oral exercise
    • A maximum of two hours may be earned by evaluating outside yoga classes
    • These hours may count toward the Techniques, Teaching Methodology or Practicum categories
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