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Looking for a Registered Yoga Teacher?

  • Browse by location. If you’re looking for a teacher in a particular geographic area, use the browse by location feature, which can come in handy for international searches.
  • Try a different browser. We’re working to make sure our site performs consistently across all modern browsers, but, in the meantime, we recommend that you use Chrome or Firefox, which tend to be the most reliable.
  • Broaden your search. Try removing some of the entered search criteria or increasing your search radius. 

Can’t Find Yourself on the Directory?

  • Make sure your profile is published. Check your settings by logging in to your account. If you’d like your profile to be published, ensure that under the section entitled “Personal Details” your “Profile Status” is not marked as “Unpublished.”
  • Browse by location: Try using the browse by location feature to find your listing, which provides a hyperlink directly to your public profile page, where you can confirm the settings and display. With our new directory, you now have a unique hyperlink (or URL) to your profile which can be used in your online marketing materials!

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