Tips for Entering Your Teaching Hours

Our profile completion contest continues! This week’s assignment was to "Tally Up Your Teaching Hours" in your Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®) profile and share them publicly. 

Post your teaching hours on the profile for prospective students and employers so they can get insight into your experience. Students new to yoga might be especially interested in finding a yoga teacher who consistently holds regular classes, so they can develop a relationship with an instructor they feel can help grow and nurture their yoga practice.

How to enter teaching hours

Log in to your Yoga Alliance® account and you’ll go directly to the Teacher Dashboard. From there, select the menu item on the left for “My Teaching Hours.” On the next page, select the green button to “Add Teaching Hours.”

With our flexible system, you can post as many or as few teaching hour entries as you like. Some teachers make one bulk entry at the end of each pay period, month, or quarter, while others update their profile after every class. Group your hours by sessions, seasons, years or any other format that makes sense to you. It is not necessary to enter hours individually by class, line by line.

Updating your hours matters

Entering your teaching hours regularly also ensures that you are notified immediately when you become eligible for a designation upgrade. Once you enter in enough teaching hours to qualify for an upgrade, you’ll receive an email from with this notification, and a green link will appear on your Teacher Dashboard inviting you to upgrade your account. You may review training and teaching hour Requirements for designations here.

We’re delighted that so many RYTs are taking advantage of the many new features to make profiles on the YA Registry stand out from the crowd. If you haven’t logged in to your account and updated your profile, use these tips and tricks to make your new RYT profile shine!

Stay tuned later this week for the next assignment in our contest on Facebook!

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