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Last Updated: February 7, 2017

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We're Here to Help, Idaho!We are writing with an important update. Recently, Yoga Alliance was contacted by Idaho yoga teacher training programs (YTTs) about their interactions with the State Board of Education (Board). The Board has contacted some YTTs asserting that they may be required to comply with regulations meant for schools providing vocational, technical, or professional training. This means that YTTs would have to pay expensive fees and comply with administrative requirements that are a poor fit for yoga programs.

Like you, we are concerned about the Board’s attempt to regulate Idaho YTTs. We agree that regulating YTTs like vocational schools is unnecessary and that the associated fees and administrative hurdles are more harmful than helpful to yoga businesses and consumers. Especially since the Board has not attempted to apply these requirements to YTTs in the past.

We have already begun working on your behalf to protect Idaho’s YTTs. We have assembled a team in Idaho, and we have been in contact with state regulators and legislators to share our concerns. In the last few days, House Bill 108 was introduced in the Idaho House of Representatives to exempt YTTs from vocational school regulations. The purpose of this legislation is to clarify that YTTs are not like the vocational programs that the state is supposed to regulate, and that yoga programs have different needs than those addressed by the Board. For more information on this bill, please see our answers to frequently asked questions.

Yoga Alliance is pleased to support HB 108 that builds on previous efforts to support yoga communities around the country. As you may know, in the past few years, we have worked with YTTs, yoga teachers, and students in states from coast to coast to make sure that yoga schools may operate without unnecessary government regulation. As a result of our collective efforts, in 2016 alone, 5 states adopted legislation that exempted YTTs from state regulations and licensing requirements intended to apply to vocational schools. Now, the large majority of states do not regulate YTTs as vocational programs. It’s time for Idaho to join them.

As we move forward in Idaho, we'll need your input and support:

  • Please share your experiences and thoughts by taking our short survey. Your feedback is important and helps us to understand the issues that are most important to you.
  • We’ll be sure to keep you updated. Stay tuned for alerts from Yoga Alliance on major developments in the Idaho legislature and details on how you can get involved. Share this alert with friends, family, and fellow yogis who may be interested in this initiative.
  • Have questions or want to volunteer to help us out? Contact us at

We’re looking forward to working with you, Idaho, to support your state’s thriving yoga community.

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