We Did It, Colorado!

March 24, 2015

Thanks to the incredible support of the Yoga Alliance® community and the efforts of our champions in the General Assembly, our bill (SB186) to protect the rights of yoga teacher training programs (YTTs) to operate without unnecessary regulation, passed the full House Chamber by a 63-1 vote!

What’s Next?

Although our legislation passed the House and the Senate with overwhelming support, the bill actually has to go back to the full Senate for procedural reasons. However, considering this bill passed easily in the full Senate a few weeks ago, we don’t anticipate any trouble. Then, it will be off to the desk of Governor Hickenlooper for signature!

Send Some Gratitude

It’s time to show appreciation for the hard work of our elected representatives that joined our effort to protect YTTs throughout the state by sending a "thank you" email or call to the members that made this possible. Below, is the contact information for our bill sponsors:

You can also find your local Senator and local Representative online to say thanks as well! 

Pay it Forward

Yoga Alliance is proud to have joined the Colorado yoga community on this critical effort. While YTTs in this state are now free from unnecessary intrusion, other YTTs around the country are under pressure. In the coming days, Yoga Alliance will turn its attention to developments in other states threatening yoga businesses and their customers. Please help pay it forward with a financial contribution to make sure that yoga is not only protected in Colorado, but across the country.

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