More Choices in Teaching, Learning, and Practicing Yoga: Yoga Alliance Makes Distance Learning a Permanent Option for Registered Yoga Schools and Registered Yoga Teachers

July 19, 2023

Designed to Meet the Needs of the Growing Yoga Profession

Registered Yoga Schools (RYSs) can continue to offer training programs in multiple formats, including 100% in-person, 100% distance learning, or a mix of both depending on what is best suited for you and your business.

To effectively implement distance learning, RYSs are now required to deliver a minimum of 15% of the program hours in a synchronous format (teachers and students gather online at the same to interact in real-time).

Good news! If your current programs include distance learning, you do not need to provide additional documentation to Yoga Alliance at this time. Schools applying for the RYS credential will simply need to include this information as part of the application process.

More Ways to Maintain Your Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Credentials

Continuing Education hours hosted in a distance learning format, whether asynchronous or synchronous, may qualify towards continuing education credits.

Creating Equitable Opportunities for Learning

Distance learning is a key component in successful, equitable education and expanding professional opportunities in historically underrepresented communities. Research shows that well-planned distance learning can provide unique value and educational experiences. This is particularly true for different types of learning styles and those with financial, scheduling, and/or travel constraints. By embracing a variety of effective education options, there is greater access to yoga teacher trainings, which allows yoga to reach more people, places, and communities around the world.

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Members Feel a Mix of Educational Experiences is the “Right Blend”

A 2021 survey sent to registered Yoga Alliance schools, teacher trainers, and their students asked the following question: “when the social distance restrictions end, what do you feel is the right blend in a Yoga Teacher Training Course?”

The results? Owners, Trainers, and Trainees want flexibility in both program design and experience and feel a blend of teaching formats will be most beneficial moving forward.

*This survey was sent to RYS programs utilizing the 2020-21 Online Teaching Exemption (OTE) and received 581 responses.

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