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Member Updates: Your Questions Answered

March 28, 2020

Dear Member Schools and Teachers,

These are challenging times, and we are here to help you at every turn. We have recently fielded many questions from schools and teachers regarding a variety of coronavirus concerns, and our guidance on the most common inquiries follows. We also are working on a number of possible solutions for dues relief and assistance, and details are expected to be shared early next week.

This week, we received several questions regarding protocol surrounding the need for an RYS to close in the middle of a yoga teacher training program. While it is our hope that the virtual learning temporary provision we put in place has enabled many schools to continue to operate, it may not be a solution for everyone. In the unfortunate case of a closure, though we can’t require a school to offer a refund, we do encourage schools and teachers/trainees to be in close communication regarding refund status and options that are available. Please note: our new standards require that RYSs have clear refund policies that provide guidance and support to its trainees and students. View the Guide for RYS Application for a template of a refund policy. In addition, next week, we will have more information on small business loan guidance for our RYSs.

We also have been asked if students may transfer hours from one RYS teacher training to another one if their school closes. During this time of crisis, if an RYS accepts transferred hours (which is at the school’s discretion) from another RYS, Yoga Alliance will accept transferred credit as a complete training; we will need documentation from both schools that details dates, the number of hours per school, and the names of the Lead Trainers. If this situation applies to you, please email with the details of your situation so we can make a note in your account and follow up with you on next steps.

Finally, we have heard some members express concern over online learning as they believe it compromises the quality or effectiveness of yoga teaching. Yoga Alliance’s preference has been that yoga teacher training programs be in-person. However, we are strongly recommending, for communities where social distancing has become required, recommended, or the community norm, that all in-person yoga instruction be cancelled until the need for social distancing has passed, at which time we can evaluate the safety of resuming regular or modified practice schedules. We are seeing schools and teachers coming to the aid of each other in the quest of improving online teaching. We thank you and are grateful for your efforts. You can see a list of virtual events—both upcoming as well as past replays—that pertain to how to move in-person training online effectively.

We are creating forums for our community to come together to learn, grow, and succeed as a profession. Please join or view our Community Sanghas, gatherings of our hearts, minds, and souls to reflect on the communal, therapeutic, global, and spiritual benefits of this practice we love so much and how it can unite us in times of need. Early next week, we will launch a new Private Facebook Page for members to connect directly to other members. And, we will launch a community COVID-19 website solely dedicated to information about coronavirus and its impacts on your business and the teaching of yoga.

Please continue to reach out to us with feedback, questions, and concerns at We are in this together. Thank you for the work that you do for your communities—always, and especially now in these difficult times.

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