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September 9, 2015

In recent weeks, we have been contacted by members of the Michigan yoga community regarding regulation by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). These regulations require yoga teacher training programs (YTTs) to pay expensive fees and meet numerous regulatory hurdles. Like you, Yoga Alliance® is concerned that LARA's requirements are not only unnecessary, but harmful to the yoga community and small businesses in this state.

As you may know, in recent months Yoga Alliance has been working with yoga communities across the country to ensure that yoga schools may operate without unnecessary government regulation. As a result of our efforts, legislation was adopted in Arkansas and Colorado that exempts YTTs from state regulations and licensing requirements intended to apply to "occupational" or "vocational" schools.

In Michigan, Yoga Alliance is already working on your behalf to protect your state's YTTs. We have assembled a team on the ground who will begin working with Michigan regulators and legislators to make sure we are heard by key decision makers. As we begin this advocacy effort, we need your support.

Right now, we ask that you share any information you know about LARA’s regulations with us. Let us know if you have been contacted by LARA, are currently subject to regulation, or would like to get involved in our efforts by filling out this survey.

Want to get text message alerts whenever more information is available?
Text “MichiganYoga” to 51555 to sign up for free alerts.

Thank you to the members who have already connected with YA. We look forward to working with you strengthen the yoga community in Michigan.

How to Get Involved

Ready to make a difference and protect Michigan's vibrant yoga community? Here's how you can help:

  1. Fill out our survey
    By completing this brief survey, you help us figure out how we can better serve you and your community.
  2. Contact our team
    Have you been contacted by LARA? Be sure to email us with a description of what happened and forward along any relevant communications you received.
  3. Support our efforts
    Your contribution allow us to continue our work and protect yoga teachers and schools that could be put out of business by unnecessary regulations.

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