HB 246 is Officially Signed Into Law!

Last Updated: May 27, 2021

Dear Alabama Yoga Community,

On Thursday, May 20, Governor Kay Ivey signed into law HB 246, reversing Alabama’s 28-year ban on yoga instruction as an elective activity for public school students. We share our deepest gratitude to everyone who reached out to their State Senators and Representatives to help advance the bill toward passage, and Representative Jeremy Gray, who authored the bill, expressed sincere appreciation for Yoga Alliance members and their support.

We know that this law is imperfect, as it restricts use of “Namaste,” chanting, and requires permission slips for participation. While we are grateful for the progress, we know that this is just the first step on the path to greater understanding of the depth and breadth of yoga as a mind, body, and spirit practice.

As a vocal advocate of yoga, we are encouraged that Rep. Gray has already pledged to work toward amending the law in the future so that these restrictions and barriers are removed. Yoga Alliance, too, will continue to look for opportunities to educate the public and the legislature about the practice of yoga and its benefits to better inform policy not only in Alabama, but across the country.

As part of our ongoing commitment to equity in yoga, we continue to center our work around facilitating change to expand access to yoga for all.

We will keep you updated on our efforts and thank you for all you do for your community. If you have any questions, further input, or information regarding this issue, please share it with us at

Your Yoga Alliance

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