A Crash Course in Liability Insurance

Published: September 1, 2016
Last Updated: May 10, 2019

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Regardless of industry, experts agree that liability insurance is an essential—if not the most important—part of any business plan. The yoga industry is no different. When it comes to your school’s, studio’s, or even personal yoga business, the risks are too high to not be insured against the possibility of a lawsuit.

Yoga is Not Exempt from Risk.

No teacher wants or expects a student to get injured in their yoga class, but even with proper safeguards in place, injuries can happen due to a wide range of unpredictable circumstances, including as a result of a student’s prior injury or a preexisting condition.

Businesses in other industries take advantage of the protection that liability insurance offers, and your yoga business deserves that same protection, even if you teach yoga independent of a school or studio.

Liability Insurance Benefits You.

Lawsuits, along with their associated costs, can be expensive, even when you are not negligent and receive a ruling in your favor. Liability insurance offers you financial protection in the event of a lawsuit, ensuring that you and your yoga business are not put at risk.

Many yoga schools and studios as well as other locations where yoga is often taught require teachers to have their own liability insurance, so applying for a job with these businesses is much easier if you already have a liability insurance plan. Additionally, some liability insurance plans accommodate teaching at multiple locations.

Don’t Assume You Are Covered.

Just because you teach at a school or studio that has liability insurance, you can’t assume you are protected as well. Not all school or studio insurance plans extend coverage to their teachers.

Register for Liability Insurance Now.

One of the benefits of Yoga Alliiance membership is that we have negotiated discounts for general and professional liability insurance from our partners. Check back soon for additional partners outside of the United States and Canada.

Alliant Insurance (US) | Gallagher (Canada)

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