Standards and Requirements Compliance Policy

Last Updated: December 31, 2017

The Registered Yoga School (“RYS”) and the Registered Yoga Teacher (“RYT”) credentials, and their various Designations, are conferred by Yoga Alliance. The RYS credential can be earned by a yoga teacher training program that meets minimum curricular standards (“Standards”), in various categories, as further detailed here. The RYT credential can be earned by a yoga teacher who has completed training at an RYS. All those who have earned the RYS, RYT, or YACEP credential are referred to collectively as “Registrants,” and their status of holding a credential as “Registration.”

In addition to the above, Registrants may be required to meet other requirements (“Requirements”), including payment of applicable fees, and in the case of RYTs, completing CE courses, in order to obtain and maintain their status as Registrants. Note that payment of fees does not guarantee continued Registration status if other Requirements are not met. Yoga Alliance may require confirmation and demonstration of compliance with applicable Standards or Requirements on an annual basis or at any time.

Yoga Alliance reserves the right to change or update the Standards and/or Requirements at any time. Changes to Standards or Requirements will be posted on the website, and Registrants, as applicable, will be notified of the changes via the email address associated with their account and given sufficient time to make the changes necessary to comply with revised Standards and/or Requirements.

A Registrant that is not in compliance with relevant Requirements may have their Registration status revoked. Those who have had their Registration status revoked may no longer represent themselves as holding the revoked credential or designation and may not use Yoga Alliance trademarks to indicate such.

In the event that a Registrant is not in compliance with Standards or Requirements, Yoga Alliance may display a message on the Registrant’s public directory profile page indicating suspension for non-compliance, until the Registrant makes necessary changes and is verified to be in compliance. A Registrant that does not make the required changes to come into compliance during the designated period will have its Registration designation revoked and/or may be restricted from renewing a Registration designation. Trainees will ordinarily not be eligible to register as RYTs if, as of the date their training is completed, their school’s RYS Registration is suspended or revoked.

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