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  • English and German fluently. I write in both languages. I can read Italian
  • Spanish and French. To a limited degree I can understand spoken Italian and Spanish.

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  • Techniques, Training & Practice
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  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics

Gitta Stagl MSC, MSC

ExperientialBodyLearning with Yoga addresses people who are interested in understanding " how their bodies mind" and wish to enlarge their perceptive horizon.

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About Gitta Stagl MSC, MSC

My Yoga tuition adresses people who are interested in making their Yoga-Practice a meeting place between body and mind. It invites people who are curious in experiencing how Yoga can enhance their repertoire of understanding on body-mind-interactions in general and about the body's capacities as an instrument of thinking and of mindful attention in particular.

My work is eclectic - it makes use of any approach in the body-mind-field - as long as it is backed by cohesive reasoning.

The Yoga I promote is non-dogmatic, secular and non-esoteric.

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