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Matthias Satyananda von Dach

Author of The Yoga Code, A Key to the Spiritual Essence of the Yoga Poses. Satyananda provides courses for Yoga teachers on the principle of his Yoga Code.

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About Matthias Satyananda von Dach

Satyananda (Matthias von Dach) was born in 1969 in Switzerland. He was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Janakananda in September 1998. His life has consequently been determined by the power of Kriya Yoga and he has been meditating several hours daily. In the following years his teacher initiated him into the higher levels of Kriya Yoga and thus enabled him deep insights into the yoga path. According to Janakananda, Satyananda’s discipline and truthfulness are a reflection of his soul and witness to his thankful heart. After having been in charge of the Kriya meditation group in Basle, Switzerland, for several years, Janakananda assigned him the task of teaching Kriya Yoga in Switzerland, England, and Spain (Isla la Palma) in 2004. Ever since, Satyananda has been teaching, initiating, lecturing and coaching yoga students.


In 1999 Satyananda began his Hatha-Yoga teacher education. He graduated in 2003 and has subsequently been teaching for many years. A one year surplus module on Ayurvedic nutrition was added in 2005.  Since 2008 he is also involved in the education of future yoga teachers. He is member of the IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Association) and Yoga Alliance. In 2011 his first book “The Yoga-Code” was published with Schirner (only available in German), which forms the fundament of his training courses. In 2012 he opened up his own yoga school in Lausen, Switzerland.

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