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Kanako Iwasaki

Restorative yoga is a yoga style necessary for all those who are stressed in modern society. This is the content that yoga teachers want to practice every day

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About Kanako Iwasaki

Kanako Iwasaki is a registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)who lives in Japan and has Yoga Alliances,and approves the completion of Yoga Tea Chat training at an approved and compliant Registered Yoga School (RYS)KANA CREATIVE YOGA.

I learned meditation from vision training when I was six years old.  I met Asana as a postural law when I was 30 years old. This was never an early start.

The inspiration for learning yoga is intuition. It may be because I had a 6-year-old experience behind my heart.

When I was a child,my body was softer and more flexible than I had imagined because of the illness called dislocation of children.

However,due to a major accident at the age of 12,I was injured by the cervical and lumbar spines. For one year,I experienced pain and frustration that I could not exercise. My athletic ability declined,I was not confident about anything and lost the courage to challenge.  Since I became an adult,the yoga I met has helped my heart and body many times. I never experienced exceeding my capacity with yoga because I experienced a lot of pain from injury.I think pain in yoga is the same as violence against me.          I have never been hurt by yoga.

Yoga feels the energy of nature,sharpens the senses,and releases it physically,mentally and emotionally.

Kanako Iwasaki would like to thank the students who meet at the studio and school (RYS)sincerely and respect all the people involved in yoga.

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