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  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics

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  • Yoga Alliance
  • Lions Club of Spiritual Kathmandu
  • Gandhi International Mission Nepal
  • Nepalese Association of Master's in Yogic Sciences.

Dr.Chintamani Gautam

Yoga Guru. Sanatan Yogi. meditation Guru. Yoga philosophy teacher.

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About Dr.Chintamani Gautam

Dr. Chintamani (Guruji) was born in the Birthplace of Buddha, Lumbini, Southern Nepal. He is an expert in yoga teaching, with over 22 years of experience. Currently, he runs a classical yoga retreat and academy (Insert the name here for Print/hyperlink for online with the words Retreat and Academy). He is also a student and teacher of Yoga Darshan (yoga philosophy).

Being raised in a Brahmin family, he found his passion and inspiration for the Sanskrit language at the young age of 8. Later for his advanced studies, he travelled to India to gain Master’s degree in Yoga Science and Sanskrit Philosophy.

He continued learning Sanskrit literature, Eastern philosophy, astrology, mantras, Tantra, puja, and yogic lifestyle from aspiring yogis, gurus and scholars in diverse parts of the Himalayan region.

While in India, he got the opportunity to practice yoga with authentic gurus who taught him the traditional art of yoga and meditation. They inspired him to advance his practice and seek the true essence of yoga.

In addition to expanding his practical knowledge, he also studied to expand his intellectual comprehension of yoga and the related philosophies. He became expert in Sanskrit literature, Eastern philosophy, mantras, Tantra, and yogic tradition. Some of the ancient scriptures he has explored include the Upanishads, Gita, and great Six Eastern Philosophies.

His scholarship was eventually recognized with a PhD, and Dr. Chintamani returned to Nepal to spread the profound knowledge he had found. He is now spreading the yogic education and values amongst children, youth, the elderly, and professionals in various fields.


  • Ph.D. in Yoga, 2011; “A Comparative Study of Yoga Wisdom in Shwetashwataropanishad and Kathopanishad.” Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar, India
  • Master’s in Human Consciousness and Yogic Sciences, 2005; Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar, India.
  • Master’s in Sanskrit, 2004; Sampurnananda Sanskrit University, Varanasi, India.
  • Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy, 2002; Institute of Natural Health Center, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Diploma in Massage Therapy, 2004; Baba Massage Center, Rishikesh, India

Work Experience

Dr. Chintamani poured his love for yoga into building Nepal Yoga Academy, where teaching is based on Sanatan, or classical yogic principles and discipline. Its main goal is uniting life with the universal consciousness to inspire the world to be more joyful, reduce suffering and find balance. In designing the yoga curriculum and teaching methodology, Dr. Chintamani is guided by two key questions: “Is yoga being taught in the most authentic way possible?” and “Is Yoga becoming too commercial and diverging from its roots?” Dr. Chintamani has guided over 1000 students through this process. They have gone on to spread yoga around the world.

Dr. Chintamani shares his wisdom through the following organizations and institutions:

  • Nepal Yoga Academy: Founder and Director. The first yoga school in Nepal recognized by the Yoga Alliance International. Students learn the fundementals of yoga to become a successful teacher, while being exposed to yogic diet and accommodation, natural setup led by expert teachers and family-like atmosphere.
  • Nepal Yoga Retreat Center: Founder and Director. The retreat center provides a beautiful and restorative setting for customizable retreat packages to suit the needs of anyone from the casual vacationer to the curious yoga followers.
  • Yogamandu Nepal: Founder and president. Yogamandu provides regular yoga training and workshops for locals and foreigners in Kathmandu.
  • Pancha Sree Yoga Retreat Center (In Progress): Founder and Director. The center provides luxury yoga retreats, trainings, Ayurveda retreats and healings.

For more details about Dr. Chintamani and his on-going activities, please visit

Social Contributions

Beyond the Nepal Yoga Academy, Dr. Chintamani makes many contributions to the teaching of yoga both in Nepal and around the world. He has hosted yoga workshops and trainings in Japan, Italy, Austria, China, and India.

  • Charter President: Lion’s Club of Kathmandu Spiritual
  • Founder Member: T.U. Lion’s Blood Transfusion and Research Center, Kathmandu
  • Founder and Secretary: Nepalese Association of Masters in Yogic Science (NAMYS)
  • Advisor: Gandhi International Mission of Kathmandu

You can read more about Dr. Chintamani’s social involvement at

Honors and Awards:

  • Ph.D.: In 2011, he was awarded his Ph.D. (Doctorate) in human consciousness and yogic science by Gurukul Kangari University in Haridwar, India.
  • Nepal Vidhya Bhushan “KA”: in 2012, The President of Nepal, Dr. Ramvaran Yadav honored him with the Nepal Vidyabhushan ‘KA’, on the auspicious occasion of Education Day.

Book Publication

  • Classical Yoga: Asana and Pranayama


  • Japan, China, India, Austria, Italy


  • Spiritual discourse
  • Mantra Chanting and teaching
  • Workshops on asana, pranayama, health and yogic lifestyle, memory maximization and personality development
  • Talks on stress management
  • Speeches on peace, health, and social responsibility
  • Skill enhancement workshop for youth
  • Yogic consultations for healthy, happy and harmonious life

Media Presence and Interviews

Dr. Chintamani has appeared on various local and international television, radio and online shows to talk about the importance and applicability of yogic principles in everyday life. 

  • Janata Television show called Yoga Darshan
  • Bhakti Darshan television show called Sanatan Yoga
  • Many local and international television and print interviews about yoga, meditation, skills and personality development and lifestyle

For more information about Dr. Chintamani’s media presence go to


Dr. Chintamani aims to start a revolution in the field of yoga. He believes in the true essence of yoga. His vision is to preserve and restore the true vibrancy of yoga. As a beginning, he authored the book entitled “Classical Yoga: Asana and Pranayama”, which will enable him to spread the messages of the classical way of yoga far and wide.


  • To bring yoga to society as more than exercise but as a lifestyle to achieve balance and bliss
  • To collaborate with organizations and institutions helping those in need
  • To create digital and print media that communicate the pure essence of authentic yoga

To read more about Dr. Chintamani’s vision, please visit

Social Media Links

Face Book Pages:

  • Yoga with Chintamani
  • Nepal Yoga Academy and Retreat


Instagram: Nepal Yoga Academy

Twitter: (name and link)

LinkedIn: (name and link)

Youtube : Chintamani Gautam

Contact: +977-9851092635


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