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Dodi Wilson, LMT, CLT

Blessed to share her love and passion of yoga, travel and health with you.

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First Registered Feb 2011 Teacher Profile

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About Dodi Wilson, LMT, CLT

Dodi Wilson started her love of yoga as a small country girl. Buying a used book on Yoga at the local library for 25 cents,  little did she know that years later; it would be her life goal to obtain as much knowledge to help others with yoga.  Dodi practiced the funny and odd moves for years like in the book without knowing the impact it would have on her life.  

After graduation and working full time as an accountant at a bank, she suffered from anxiety and depression and was prescribed anti-depressents. At the time most of her fellow workers and friends were also on some form of these pills.  One day on her lunch break, she wondered into a small novelty store that advertised a lunch yoga class. She started that day, and was amazed with how the gentle stretches and calm breathing would make her feel so good. Shortly after she found a book store near her home that advertised an evening yoga class and found herself not only taking the class, but asking to be taught more privately. After turning to yoga instead of meds, Dodi started her own practice and was soon asked to cover teaching classes for fun.  

After trying all forms of diets and exercise programs, Dodi always came back to Yoga.  After becoming a stay at home mom with 3 small children, Dodi was faced with a divorce and the stress of what to do, she was offered a job at two local gyms teaching yoga. Yoga gave her a future, she then began to start on her formal journey to become RYT 200.

Now Dodi is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with an approved and active Registered Yoga School (RYS). She is a 200 and 500 E-RYT and is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider which acknowledges she has completed a 200 and 300 hour programs and has taught over 2000 hours of yoga classes.  

But before Dodi had even completed her first 200 Hour Yoga Program, she began a 300 hour program knowing that this was the only beginning of years of learning to come. She took a class in Yoga for chronic issues and was sold, she loved the fact that everyone with every condition could benefit from yoga.

While working in gyms, Dodi was asked to teach Senior Fitness classes and soon blended them with Yoga.  She found much joy in teaching seniors with Parkinson's, MS, Arthritis and more.  Proving to her clients and her peers the power of yoga. During this time, her yoga education, took her to India, Canada and all over the US. Yoga gave her purpose and meaning and showed her the world through new eyes all while balancing a new life with children and many jobs. 

While in India 2013, Dodi found herself very interested in learning Ayurveda,  after completing her I-AYT Training and getting her own yoga school up and running, she decided to change gears and started and completed her first 600 hour Ayurveda program, all while moving and expanding her own Yoga Business.

Dodi operated Restoring Light Wellness Center, the was home of Yoga Alliance Approved Restoring Light Yoga School, her own program that she wrote and teaches. This new wellness center gives the community not only yoga, but personal training, OULA Dance Fitness, Massage and Cupping, Sauna, Ion Foot detox and more. It  also offers educational classes to the public on Ayurveda, Reiki, Mala Making, Reflexology, Kombucha Making and More until 2020. 

"Yoga changed me.

It gave me strength in my body and mind, so that I could start Living.

It gave me flexibility to know, I could live my own way, different then others.

It gave me peace and showed me, that I could do everything out of love and still mend my broken heart.

It taught me faith and the ability to surrender by showing me that when you are on the right path, money and time will come if you ask and believe. 

Yoga has given, showed and proved to me the power of me so many times that I know it is my duty to share it with everyone.  

Yoga teaches us all what's really inside us."

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