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Ginnie Tricamo Velazquez

Phoenix, AZ 85007, USA

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Ginnie Tricamo Velazquez Teaches

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About Ginnie Tricamo Velazquez

  BRIEF BIO Gina Tricamo holds a Degree from the University of San Diego in Psychology and Cultural Counseling and an AA in Child Development.  She is the creator of Positive Choices through Yoga/Meditation (PCYM) Program for At-Risk Population.  Gina...



Gina Tricamo holds a Degree from the University of San Diego in Psychology and Cultural Counseling and an AA in Child Development.  She is the creator of Positive Choices through Yoga/Meditation (PCYM) Program for At-Risk Population.  Gina is a former Juvenile Deputy Probation Officer with over 300 hours of training in Psycho-Social Behaviors, Criminology, Combat Training and Substance Abuse Education.

Ms. Tricamo is a registered E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher and a member with Yoga Alliance since 2005.  Her training credentials include Kinepathic School  of Yoga, Warriors at Ease (which specializes in body/mind and meditation techniques for military personnel  dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/ Traumatic Brain Injury/Limb Lost/Moral Injury and Military Sexual Trauma), and Prison Yoga Project for the Incarcerated.  

Her intergrated specialty certifications are: Victim/Offender Restorative Justice Facilitator with Insight Prison Projects, Advanced Life Coach with Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and First Responder Coaching for law enforcement, military and other first responder groups with Cop Coach International.

Her lifepath was formed and developed as a child of Sicilian immigrants, being a single mother of three, a grandmother, and over eleven years of community service with Mother Theresa of Calcutta's outreach work in San Diego, CA.  From 1993 to 1998, Gina’s  professional  endeavors included being an Educational Facilitator for the incarcerated, with an emphasis in culturally sensitizing psycho-transformational curriculum for Latino men and women. From 1998 to 2006, Ms.Tricamo was a sworn Deputy Probation Officer assigned to Specialty Units. Gina resigned her position in 2006, to begin the process of inner healing and a desire to serve all communities from a more integrated, holistic and spiritual prevention/intervention best practice. 

Transitioning from a less punitive approach and growing new hand was a slow, mindful process that led her to redesign her gifts into the arena of the integrated arts.  Gina incorporated her previous professional knowledge to develop a combination of psycho-social interventions: kinesthetic educations, art, visualization, breathe work, yoga and meditation for at-risk populations, including Asperger and Autistic youths. 

Gina continues to develops and implements Beyond Belief Holistic Wellness Education via webinars throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe and facilitates private retreats.  She has written several holistic, educational and spiritual manuals  for Addictions, Health Opportunities (including HIV/AIDS), End of Life Journey and Grief Process,Traumatic Brain Injuries, Chronic Pain, Special Needs and Women with Issues just to name a few.

Ms. Tricamo has taught  'Being Positive About Being Positive' yoga/meditation to men, women and children health opportunity - HIV/AIDs and holistic integrations for mentally and dual discovery populations, cancer patients, and at rehabilitation centers.  She continues to write extensively in areas regarding holistic and intergrated approaches and methodologies for wellness, wholeness and holiness.  

Gina supports decolonization of yoga, as an agent of change, in order for all communities to inclusively live fully present in body/mind/spirit.  She facilitated workshops at the Sedona Yoga Festival  in 2014 and 2015.  As part of global growth goals for resolution of world issues her next endeavor is centered around  developing and implementing programs to provide ‘Badge of Honor Coaching' for law enforcement and first responders, making a full circle of working once again in the arena she has her greatest compassion to serve.

Ms. Tricamo is the Founder of Beyond Belief Educational Series and BBEST Global Yoga Academy; registered with Yoga Alliance to facilitate 200 hrs teacher training certification.  Gina has taught Yoga Coaching at the Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. for several years as well as her own private client practice.   She believes in the marriage of these two powerful modalities of coaching and mind/body/meditation techniques, knowing the results give greater inspiration to others to be their best and to reach their own personal/professional global growth goals. 

First Registered February 2006
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider
First Registered February 2006
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider YACEP® Profile 

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