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Shiva Nand

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Shiva Nand Teaches

  • Spiritually-Oriented Yoga
  • Hot/Heated Yoga



About Shiva Nand

Shiva Nandi Primary asana teacher and founder of Earth Yoga and Earth Studios global. A registered EYT-200 with over 5000 hours of teaching time Shiva brings a bridge of Traditional Hatha Yoga to a more modern model which spices up the hot yoga industry. A lover of simple...

Shiva Nandi
Primary asana teacher and founder of Earth Yoga and Earth Studios global. A registered EYT-200 with over 5000 hours of teaching time Shiva brings a bridge of Traditional Hatha Yoga to a more modern model which spices up the hot yoga industry. A lover of simple strong flow, Shiva leads the energy into the deeper dimensions of self to create a blissful experience of which he encourages a self practice. Shiva's yoga journey began at 12 years of Age and become very serious at the age of 22 embarking on a Masters Path of self realization through the ancient art of Surat Shabd Yoga. 

Shiva started teaching full time 2004 and opened the first Bikram Studio in Korea. The same company moved him to Hong Kong where he was one of the highest paid instructors per class for Bikram Asia. Shiva soon went on to manage a Pure Yoga outlet in Singapore which was responsible for a 2 million dollar fit out and 12 teachers to manage through the variety of yoga styles.  Pure yoga placed the challange of keep the yoga authentic while encouraging todays yoga discoveries. A beautiful experience for any teacher learning to perfect his art through new yet traditional teachings while holding firm to the intuitive feelings the practice directs you to. 

Therefore i offer all that i have learnt in the physical realms of yoga and allow you to experience the more ethereal energies for yourself through the personal transformation that yoga has shown me, by pointing to the elements of nature. Earth Water Fire Air Space. 

Shiva Nandi's past Yoga Investment 

Below is a list of teachers and experience I have had with yoga. All the respective teacher trainings and hours are listed below.
1999 till present. Listed in order from 1999 – 2011 Initiated into the Meditation Method of Light and Sound- Supreme Master Ching Hai-1999 till present over 5000 hrs of seated meditation. 

Bill Arce Pure Yoga, Korea, Seoul 200 hours hot and hatha yoga study 
Bikram California 700 hrs (9 weeks) Bikram Yoga College of India 
Jivamukti Yoga Pure Yoga Hong Kong 9 hours David and Shannon weekend workshops 
Ana Forrest Pure Yoga Hong Kong 46 hrs Forrest yoga continuing yoga teacher training. Forrest yoga workshops.
Ag Mohan Svastha, Singapore 200 hours Diploma Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. 
Paul Balch (metaphysics) Pure Yoga, Singapore- 15 hrs Understanding -Universal Laws 15 hrs- Understanding and harnessing emotions- 15 hrs Activating the 12 main chakras- 15 hrs Intoning sacred sounds 
David Swenson Pure Yoga, Singapore 43 hrs Ashtanga yoga teacher training, first series and ashtanga based workshops. 
Mathew Sweeney Pure Yoga, Singapore 50 hours Simple practice + workshops + master class 
Desiree Rumbaugh Weekend immersion, Thailand – 6 hours Evolution, Hong Kong – 6 hours 
Shiva Rea Shambala Singapore 2 hour Workshop (i wish more) 
John Friend (Founder of Anusara Yoga) Weekend Immersion Australia 12 hours-Advanced Intensive Arizona 12 hours, Master Immersion Arizona 30 hours-Teacher training Japan 35 hours-Weekend immersion Japan 12 hours Hong Kong 4 workshops 12 hours-
Patrick Creelman (certified Anusara teacher)- 200 hours Anusara Yoga teacher training 
Sivananda Yoga Vedanta India 200 hours Traditional Hatha Yoga TT.

It is with great satisfaction and humility that I now find my service has become the process of sharing the gifts and knowledge, passed down to me, and received through my own internal realizations. Earth Yoga being the result. 

Shiva Nandi's classes are very professional and enlightening. I had been practicing yoga for a year before I joined Shiva’s yoga classes. He conducts his class, with patience, love and caring guidance. I remembered how he taught us to go into a proper forward bend step by step by asking us to place ourselves against a wall and bend forward, pushing our hips and back of our legs against the wall and allow our body weight to lean forward. Instantly, I felt my tight hamstrings and know that if I want to improve my forward bend I have to release my tight hamstrings. In another one of his classes he spoke about Avatar and how the avatars can connect with the earth, feel one with nature and animals. This speech brought a lot of deep thinking to me and since then I had been practicing yoga with thanks and gratitude to Mother Earth. In each and every yoga classes of Shiva I learnt new things not only in Yoga Asanas but also way of life and yoga philosophy. He enlightened my connection with Mother Earth and changed the perception of how I viewed life.Shiva’s yoga classes are beautiful and it is an experience, which speaks for itself. One has to attend his classes to feel and understand how special it is. I am one of the fortunate people whom had the special grace of the universe to be able to attend his classes and I am very thankful for it. 
Jerrica Ang-Centre Manager, Yoga Instructor for VYASA Yoga Singapore a branch of Swami Vivekananda YogaAnusandhana Samsthana in Singapore.

 Shiva has always been a dedicated and respectful student. He has done the work to cultivate his own light, therefore he is able to help others find theirs. His honest, encouraging and compassionate teaching style draws others deeper towards their own inner wisdom. That is his gift to the world. With love! Desiree, Certified Anusara Teacher 

Resonance, sincerity, compassion, honesty, intuition, authenticity, grace…these are only a few words to describe the imprints ofShiva’s teachings and the essence that pervades the background of each class. With such a humble nature, Shiva effortlessly inspires every student to strive towards a state of yoga, widening perspectives to go beyond asanas, beyond the mat and into every aspect of our lives. Not only in the yoga shala, but also in such compassionate interactions with his son, did I realise the depths ofShiva's heart and the way in which he sees the Divine in all…a quality that every yogi should embody. To practice with Shiva is truly a blessing! Amber Sawyer, Yoga Teacher, USA 

Yoga has helped me both mentally and physically in a way that no other sports was able to. Whilst I was learning how to manage movement with breathe,i slowly developed an ability to LISTEN ( not mere hearing) and understood universal concepts that changed my perceptions of things in life. Shiva’s classes have always been enjoyable to attend due to his clear instructions coupled with light-heartedness and attentiveness. I was able to discipline myself with daily practices due to his encouragements. He was largely a motivating factor, propelling me to want to do more yoga. My parents were initially resistant to yoga but have since started practicing after attending Shiva’s classes! It is not overly demanding, suited to most individuals and leaves you feeling rejuvenated after class!! Edrea Hzy, Accountant, Singapore.

 I had the pleasure of working with Shiva for the past 3 years at Pure Yoga. His passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to yoga is truly delighting. His students are often in praise of his uplifting, joyful, and sharing energy in classes. Not to mention, that Shiva is personally helpful in nature. Years ago as a fresh new colleague, he came to my desperate aid, covering my very first class at pure yoga during the very last minute, despite the decency of time. I was indeed thankful. 
Arun Rana-Position: Senior Yoga Instructor-Singapore Pure Yoga 

Shiva' Nandi's humility and earnestness as a seeker, coupled with his own profound yogic experiences make him a pure vehicle for the teachings of yoga. I encourage anyone interested in deepening their understanding of this great path to spend time with Shiva. His personal generosity and loving nature will deeply affect your life in many, many wonderful ways. I am honored to call him my friend and most esteemed colleague. Bo Srey-Certified Anusara Teacher

I was extremely privileged to meet Shiva and practice daily under his guidance for 6 months. Shiva had an amazing ability to keep me present and focused throughout his classes (something which deserves a gold medal!) and consistently motivated me to be my best and encouraged me to explore the unknown. Shiva's energy and passion for yoga and life is contagious and I am forever grateful for being exposed to such a genuine happiness. Even though we are now on opposite sides of the world, Shiva (and his family) continues to be an inspiration to me in the yoga studio and also in my every day life. Nicky Vibert, Age 36-Hot Yoga Instructor

 I attended my first yoga class under Shiva’s instructions in 2005. His instructions during the class were clear and easy to follow despite being my first yoga class. Shiva was also very helpful and hands-on during the class to help students fine tune poses. I must say the first session was indeed a great experience. Always friendly, Shiva is someone whom students can always connect with, and to seek further instructions in yoga, as well as sharing experiences. An indeed great teacher and a friend… Koon Huat Singapore 

Shiva is a teacher who is constantly learning. He generously shares his knowledge by making it accessible to both beginners and students who have been practicing for years. He led by example and taught his students what it means to practice yoga, how it can be incorporated into our daily lives and how it can transform our lives. He is a firm but kind teacher a combination that works best for me. A good teacher, to me, doesn’t always do what the students want but see what they need and give it to them. In class, he always saw who needed that extra bit of push or encouragement. I dont know how he did it but he always managed to connect with his students and had that little something for every one to bring home when they stepped off the mat. I’m glad I met Shiva early in my yoga journey. In the years I’d practiced under his guidance, he has shown kindness, compassion and patience. He has defined, for me, what it means to be a yoga teacher and because of him, I was inspired to embark on my own teacher-training programme.May Ng, Yoga Teacher age 22 – Singapore

 “Practicing with Shiva is an ever-unfolding journey into yoga. His ability to translate information in both the technical and more subtle aspects creates an environment of learning and exploration that expands your practice beyond what you thought was possible. Shiva leads everyone through postures and sequence in ways that bring you to the point of familiarity, into curiosity, and then into new depths of discovery through breath and presence. His thoughtful approach allows the body and mind together to prepare and flow into a beautiful moving meditation. He is simply a gifted teacher whose manner and methods allow and encourage each student to explore their practice and expand into new levels of understanding from the inside out. His enthusiasm for his own practice and his on-going education for yoga in general is what makes his style unique.” Lisa Esposito-Senior Yoga Teacher-USA, Thailand, Bali ” 

Shiva is one of my mentor teachers who is a real teacher. He is charismatic, kind and compassionate. He teaches from his heart and his class is so fun, inspiring and energetic. I am so glad to have a chance to learn from him and it’s great to see that Shiva is one of a real yoga teachers who helps to spread and expand the beauty of yoga to this world. ” Mon Napassawan Absolute Yoga teacher Bangkok 

“As yoga teacher I always choose you. You are like an old shaman, energy flow easily in the class, mind relax, consciousness shift into 6 dimension, silence is here, no distraction, and even if you say some jokes I welcome them -they fit in … and this is your gift.”         
Simona Hejlova 44-yoga teacher/hypnosis and regression

“I have had the privilege of being a student in many of Shiva's classes. In all the times that I have been to his class, I finished feeling refreshed, worked-out, and satisfied. Regardless of the type of class, Bikram-inspired, vinyasa, yin – there is always a constant inShiva's class satisfaction. Shiva's knowledge, practice, and drive to learn are some of the many reasons why students keep going back to his classes. He is friendly, accessible, and very helpful. Many times I have asked him for advice on asana techniques and pranayama benefits, and he has always taken the time to explain them very carefully at a level where its comprehensive to all.”Angela Bruhns-Bikram & Hatha Yoga & Pilates Teacher-Singapore/Germany “

I had the pleasure of studying yoga with Shiva in Los Angeles several years ago. There were a few things that became immediately apparent during our training together: first and foremost, Shiva’s honest and humble devotion to the awakening of himself and his fellow man. His approach to yoga is something more akin to bhakti – a truly joyful veneration of the human experience and the quest for Self. Shiva’s whole being emanates loving kindness and a passion that is wholly selfless. His ceaseless dedication to the elevation of the consciousness of all beings is a calling, one undertaken with pleasure and respect, transformed into a unique gift his students have the experience of sharing. A true soldier of peace.” Alli June Iovin-Bikram Graduate (best dialog and my personal teacher at the training) 
Also a Vegan enthusiast and helps run an Aspen Ski Company with her husband. USA 

“I’ve had the great privilege of learning Yoga under the tutelage of Shiva Nandi for over 3 years. He still is one of the most dedicated Yoga teachers I have ever known. A teacher who takes time and patience both on and off the mat. I know my practice grew immensely in the 3 years. Asana postures and meditation became much less inhabiting. He makes you sweat and laugh, even in the face of a challenging posture. Shiva just has a way with teaching. Some would say it’s the training and experience. With Shiva, I’d say he’s a gift. A natural. Thank you for taking me to where I am today Shiva.”


First Registered April 2015
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

Teaching Experience


Absolute Yoga

October 2007 - April 2009
500 Phloen Chit, Khwaeng Lumphini
Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Thailand

Pure Yoga

November 2005 - October 2007
#01-25/26/27 Ngee Ann City Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, Singapore
First Registered April 2015
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