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Pushkar, Rajasthan, India

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About Pushkar Meditation Temple

Yoga Teacher Training with Swamiji Pushkar meditation Temple now offers a down-to-earth Yoga Teachers Training Course that ensures that on completion you become a competent and confident teacher equipped with a certificate and registration of Yoga Alliance, USA. The carefully...

Yoga Teacher Training with Swamiji

Pushkar meditation Temple now offers a down-to-earth Yoga Teachers Training Course that ensures that on completion you become a competent and confident teacher equipped with a certificate and registration of Yoga Alliance, USA.

The carefully crafted 200 Hour, 3-Week Intensive Course is possibly the most comprehensive and in-depth found anywhere in India. That is because of the person behind this endeavor – Swamiji Kapri. For Swamiji teaching yoga is not a business but passion that he has pursued for nearly 4 decades.

There were persistent requests from those who have trained with Swamiji to start something like this in Pushkar so that they don’t have to go to Rishikesh. But Swamiji resisted it saying ‘it is not easy to mine and refine yoga teaching with so many people bent upon distorting and destroying it for quick money.’

But then realizing what was happening in Rishikesh and the need for a Yoga Alliance registered school in holy Pushkar that could redefine and reset the standards of yoga teaching taking it to new height Swamiji finally gave in and there is every reason to believe that soon Pushkar would be known for finest yoga teachers training course in India.    

The course following the Guru-Shishya Parampara (master-disciple tradition) is tailored to turn serious yoga practitioners into successful yoga teachers with more focus on teaching than learning. From day one the trainees start sharing and teaching in each session. In fact, all the sessions on Fridays are handled by trainees in rotation. As the batch is small (certainly not more than 10 trainees) each one gets individual attention and lots of practice in developing project, writing papers, presenting and conducting yoga session.  

This is what people who trained with Swamiji have to say about him and his method of teaching yoga:

In the late 90s, while living and working in New York Swamiji started a yoga studio, first yoga studio in Queens and introduced scores of New Yorkers to the benefits of yoga demonstrating its immediate effect on our body and mind. In the process, people could coup better with stress and became more calm and relaxed.  Others could lose weight, control diabetes, get rid of back/shoulder pain, get relief from chronic sinus. Couples also came with problems of infertility or impotency and were greatly satisfied with the results. 

Swamiji has developed what he calls the “Yoga Manual” with focus on Ashtanga Yoga that forms the basis for his teaching. The following blog posts would give an idea of the understanding of the ancient science of yoga:

Pushkar meditation Temple also offers a daily 2-hourintegrated package that includes key the main of Ashtanga Yoga - asana, Pranayama, dharana and Dhyana besides, Mudra,and Chakra from Kundlini Yoga.

Early morning Mediation Walk around the Sarovar (Lake) and evening Satsang (soulful mantra Chanting) are other key attractions.

Come to holy Pushkar and Pushkar Meditation Temple and get to experience the joy of real yoga and get to know what this ancient science really is!

Namaste! Aum Shanti! 


First Registered August 2015

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Offers RYS 200 Trainings per 2021 RYS Online Exemption

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First Registered August 2015

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By Aniela DishaYoga RYT® 200

Jun 11, 2020

This was my first YTT so there is no objective way for me to say whether this school is better or worse than another. I was looking for a small group and a less touristic experience (as much as that is possible in a yoga school for tourists and not being brought up in that culture), less “western-world-yoga” and more of the traditional ways and ideas to understand the mindset and concept as it was intended, as I do believe it is best to start at the root. It is said that Pushkar is a place that calls special people and for my fellow class mates I can say that they were exactly that and very lovely people that I miss already (and Meenakshis home-made food which we had the pleasure to get every single day). Looking back I would recommend reading “Anatomy and Physiology of Yogic Practices” by M.M. Gore before the YTT for understanding the (Sanskrit-)words in the theory lessons better and extend the anatomy part. I hope Swamiji will find another assistant or teacher soon to take off the pressure. Coming from a healthcare background my focus lies on that in all its aspects and levels. All in all I learned more about the (Raja) Yoga roots and got stimuli about what to learn next. I do think this experience will help me on my way, partly as a teacher but mostly as a person. Full Review

By Beckie Shuttleworth (Bhumi Yoga) RYT® 200

Apr 04, 2020

Undertaking Raja yoga teacher training with Swamiji in Pushkar was a life changing experience. Swamiji is knowledgable and passionate about Raja yoga and he cares deeply about the students under his care. Pushkar is the most incredible place for yoga teacher training, the energy around the lake is something that must be felt to be believed. Full Review

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E-RYT® 500, YACEP®

Rishikumar Santosh

E-RYT® 500, RCYT®, RPYT®

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