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BENT yoga co. LLC, Southeast Everett Mall Way

Everett, WA, USA

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About Northwest Yoga Society

Mukilteo Yoga is now Northwest Yoga Society!  We believe that yoga is a powerful tool for connection, balance & transformation.  Our Inclusive Yoga Teacher Training Program teaches you how to be your best teacher & communicator;  so you can speak...

Mukilteo Yoga is now Northwest Yoga Society!  We believe that yoga is a powerful tool for connection, balance & transformation.  Our Inclusive Yoga Teacher Training Program teaches you how to be your best teacher & communicator;  so you can speak authentically, passionately & honesty, & so students in your life can feel supported, seen & understood.  The schedule & outline are listed below; if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out & get them answered.

200-hour Inclusive Yoga Teacher Training 

October 11th, 2018-January 27th, 2019 
Thursdays 6-9:30pm & Sundays 12-6pm

Level 1: Foundations of Yoga


In your first month, you will practice yoga as a group and study the fundamental principles of yoga and teaching yoga:

-You will start teaching from day 1, building skills & confidence throughout the program.
-The basics alignment, benefits & how to instruct poses, meditation and breath exercises.
-How to break down & teach any pose.
-How to use efficient cueing, body language, intention-setting & your authentic voice to lead people.
-The Yamas (how you interact with others) of Patanjali's 8 Limbs.
-The musculoskeletal & integumentary systems.

Level 2:  Anatomy & Physiology


In this portion of training, you will dive deep into all anatomical systems, with a focus on how to practice & teach sequences to support life-long movement, strength, stability & flexibility. You will also study:

-Chakras & how to balance them (with special guest instructor Jennifer Jenson).
-How to practice & teach bandhas.
-The history & basic principles of Yin.
-The Niyamas (how you act when nobody is around) of Patanjali's 8 Limbs.
-The cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, lymphatic, respiratory systems.
-How to offer basic adjustments.
-How to weave a theme throughout your class.


During this month of philosophy, you will focus on:

-The types of yoga & their history.
-Pranayama (breath control).
-Ayurveda & mythology.
-How to use yoga as a tool to balance your life.
-How to pronounce Sanskrit with confidence & teach it to your students.
-How to acknowledge effort in an authentic way, to build confidence in your students & connect with them.
-How to demonstrate effectively.
-How to create inclusive playlists.

Level 4: Teaching Methodology & Business Development


The last month of your training will culminate with you teaching an entire 60-minute class in your own, unique style!  You will also study & practice:

-Effective communication skills for all types of learners.
-How to offer modifications & manage the atmosphere of a yoga studio or practice space.
-Safe, sanitary & effective hands-on adjustments.
-How to develop & honor your personal teaching style.
-How to serve prenatal, postnatal and geriatric yogis.
-How to sequence for general and diverse populations.
-How to start a sustainable yoga career & next steps.
-Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses), Dharana (singular focus), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (bliss).

In addition to a comprehensive training, you will also receive:

-Full-color Yoga Teacher Training Manual
-Trail Guide to the Body Anatomy Flashcards
-8 Limbs of Patanjali Book
-Bent Yoga Co. tank & bag with journal
-Chakra Tie-Die Party 
-Certificate for submittal to Yoga Alliance for RYT200

Call 425-293-5297, visit or e-mail to learn more about this unique program today. Payment plans are available, just ask!

First Registered October 2016

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First Registered October 2016

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