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2033 Fort Campbell Boulevard

Clarksville, TN, USA

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About Bare Yogis School of Yoga

For a LIMITED TIME: Train ONLINE for only $299! (Regularly $1200) Bare Yogis School of Yoga is currently operating online . Our online 200-hour yoga teacher training is a "go at your own pace" training, and allows as much contact and interaction with other students and...

For a LIMITED TIME: Train ONLINE for only $299! (Regularly $1200)

Bare Yogis School of Yoga is currently operating online. Our online 200-hour yoga teacher training is a "go at your own pace" training, and allows as much contact and interaction with other students and with the instructors as you like or need including periodic LIVE sessions! We have received raving reviews from our online format, and work one-on-one with each student to ensure their greatest success! More information available on our website at

Join Billy Barefoot Yogi and Padma Dharmata for a yoga teacher training unlike any other, where you will be challenged to move beyond your limits and will look deep into Self-discovery! This training is not JUST about postures, and it is not JUST about alignment (though these things are included). This training is much beyond the idea and the culture of yoga, and challenges the seeker to look beyond the surface of all things! 

This unique training combines the physical practice of yoga with scientific evidence, psychology, and spirituality. This training also focuses on adapting yoga to all people, of all abilities. ACCESSIBLE YOGA is a focus. Some train to teach, and some train to deepen their own yoga practice and journey. 

Bare Yogis also offers in-person trainings, which are temporarily on hold, due to current events, and you may find more info on upcoming events on our website. Our YA-registered trainings will be held online throughout 2021.

(Previously known as Ahava Hot Yoga and Raja Hot Yoga.)

First Registered October 2013

Online Trainings

Approved through 2021 RYS Online Teaching Exemption:
  • Ahava Hot Yoga - RYS200
Approved through 2022-2023 RYS Online Teaching Application:
  • Ahava Hot Yoga - RYS200

Upcoming Training Dates

RYS® 200

Jun 13, 2022—Dec 9, 2022
Ahava Hot Yoga - RYS200
Mar 28, 2022—Jul 30, 2022
Ahava Hot Yoga - RYS200
Feb 1, 2022—Jun 3, 2022
Ahava Hot Yoga - RYS200
Jan 14, 2022—May 27, 2022
Ahava Hot Yoga - RYS200
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First Registered October 2013

School Reviews

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By Pamela O. Brown RYT® 200

Jun 07, 2021

Bare Yogis School of Yoga is based in Tennessee and went online during the global lockdown. Billy Barefoot Yogi and Padma Dharmata are co-founders of the studio, who teach the Hot 26 Series as its foundation. Bare Yogis use as the platform for its self-paced yoga teacher training. The yoga teacher training modules include history of yoga, anatomy, pranayama, asana, meditation, ethics, and the business side of being a yoga teacher. In addition, it is required to select a specialization — prenatal, trauma/PTSD, chakras, faith-based yoga, etc. — and prepare a presentation. There are several required books for the training, which also include writing reflection papers. Video recording ourselves teaching is how we share our understanding of the lessons. Feedback is given on papers, videos, and presentations. I enrolled in Bare Yogis’ online program in 2020 during the lockdown. This was a good fit for me because I had concerns about being in an intensive 30-Day YTT program while seeing clients and enrolled in other courses. I was able to schedule the yoga modules with the rest of my daily schedule. My initial intention was to only do the training to deepen my practice. Doing my teaching hours via Zoom gave me the opportunity to improve verbal adjustments, guide students in and out of poses, and feel more confident teaching. Surprisingly, I decided to offer private classes right before completing the training. There were some hiccups because training moved from in-person to online during extenuating circumstances, but those issues are being corrected as I write this review. Due to the conditions of being online, relationships with students in my cohort were thin. (Maybe it was timing, circumstances, etc.) Being an introvert gave me the space to not be bothered by this. Bare Yogis YTT online program is great for people who are self-motivated, patient, introverted, and have busy schedules. The experience may be better for students after COVID is no longer an issue, as it will lend itself to being able to do hands-on adjustments and more socializing with other students. Highly recommended if looking for a relaxed way of learning yoga. Full Review

By Natalie Blackmon RYT® 200

May 11, 2021

Completely - 10 out of 10 recommend. I have a very wonderful experience. I was able to learn at my own pace but felt supported the entire way. The Bare Yogis instructors are attentive, inclusive in thought and deed, and knowledgeable about their craft. I do find their instruction to be effective and they created an environment where I was able to learn and thrive. Highly recommended! Full Review

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Teaching Staff

Padma Dharmata

E-RYT® 200, YACEP®

Billy Barefoot Yogi

E-RYT® 200, YACEP®

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