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123, Querim–Arambol–Agarwada Rd, Junos Vaddo

Mandrem, Goa, India

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English, Hindi

About Yog Nisarga

The word Yog has been taken from Sanskrit root word “ YUJ” which means “union” or “bringing together. Nisarga means nature. So, Yog Nisarga means union with nature. As we are surrounded by the nature around us, similarly we are also supported by the nature from inside....

The word Yog has been taken from Sanskrit root word “ YUJ” which means “union” or “bringing together. Nisarga means nature. So, Yog Nisarga means union with nature. As we are surrounded by the nature around us, similarly we are also supported by the nature from inside. By reading or knowing the word ‘Yog Nisarga’ we remind ourselves to always stay together with the nature inside and outside. Yog Nisarga was founded by Swami Prem Sandip in 2007. Prem was introduced to Yoga and meditation practices since he was 6 years old by his elder brother Yogi Abhay. Later on he started exploring various Yoga and Meditation. Following his heart he started travelling India and Nepal, visiting sacred places and learning different styles of Yoga. During this time he gained proficiency in Hatha and Shivananda Yoga and today he holds Yoga Alliance Teacher certificates of these styles. In 2011 Prem Sandip started attending Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga classes by Rolf and Marci in Anjuna, Goa. Rolf was certified to teach by Guru ji Sri K. Pattabhi Jois himself in 1996. So, Prems’ linage is going back to Sri Pattabhi Jois and Sri T. Krishnamacharya who is considered to be a founder of modern Ashtanga Yoga style. His meditation practice became well-established and profound thanks to dedication and studies in various ashrams and meditation centers. But he never stops learning and up until today attends silent retreats and meditation programs. He spends a lot of time in Osho Ashrams deepening his meditation practice. His daily favourite yoga style to practice is Ashtanga Primary series.  Ashtanga Yoga is a moving meditation and that is how it is taught by Prem. He firmly believes that the foremost aim of Yoga is to harmonize the body, mind, and the Soul.

Feeling the urge to share his knowledge he founded Yog Nisarga in 2007. In two years the school became the top-most Yoga centre on Trip Advisor. And nothing can tell more about classes than grateful students. The purpose of Yog Nisarga is to guide students on a spiritual path to healthier and happier life, to teach them how to stay connected to their real selves in the hectic realities of modern world, to help establish Yoga practice that suits their life-style and to explain that Yoga is not a destination but a beautiful journey full of wonderful discoveries. We teach traditional Yoga as it was described in YogSutras of Patanjali but with deep understanding of the changes that have taken place over the thousands of years since the sacred text was written.

In 2015 Yog Nisarga moved to a beautiful and serine Mandrem beach in North Goa. Today the school runs its courses and classes in North 39 Resort, famous among the Goan Yoga community for its scenic beach location, peaceful and nourishing environment, dedicated and friendly staff and the variety of courses for spiritual seekers. Yog Nisarga specializes in Ashtanga, and if taking asana classes inspires you to explore other limbs of Yoga but you don’t feel that teaching is your calling or you don’t have time to take 200-Hours Teacher Training, in Yog Nisarga  you will surely find a course to help you discover various meditation practices or workshops to deepen your understanding of the tradition. Yog Nisarga is a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance USA and offers 200-Hourse Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Detox Program, Anti Stress Training7 Days Yoga Meditation Vacations and daily Ashtanga Yoga drop-in classes. Our friendly and pleasant atmosphere will make you welcoming and a part of Yog Nisarga!

Residential Courses’ students are accommodated in environment-friendly natural huts right on the beach. Delicious Indian vegetarian meals are prepared especially for course-participants by a top chef according to Ayurvedic diet recommendations. Practical and theoretical classes are held in spacious halls and taught by experienced professionals. Prem is very meticulous when it comes to choosing his residential teachers. He makes sure that each member of Yog Nisarga team does not only have sufficient qualification but also is dedicated to Yogic life-style, observes ethic norms, inspired to teach and is eager to give the students the best in every class. At Yog Nisarga there are mix of Indian and western teachers to teach in 200 hours Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training also expert guest teachers are invited to teach special subjects. Yog Nisarga takes certification seriously and is wholeheartedly dedicated to sending home graduates who represent the spirit of Yoga. New Yoga teachers are encouraged to study Ashtanga Yoga in a traditional way, establishing personal practice based on studying and contemplating on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and other philosophy scriptures.

Yog Nisarga values the time, emotional, spiritual, physical and mental investment our students make to attend the training above all. That is why we do our best to make the studying process fun and enjoyable. Despite his rich spiritual and teaching experience Prem Sandip is young and playful. His teachings are infused with great joy, enthusiasm, humor and this approach takes the unnecessary pressure and stress away from students. Our top priority is that each and every day of the Course each and every student gains new knowledge, practical skills, inspiration to teach, eagerness to learn more and beautiful memories. By graduating Yog Nisarga Teacher Training Program students are awarded with certificates that entitle them to teach all around the world. Yog Nisarga holds the responsibility that all graduates are ready to live up to an honourable seat of a Yoga teacher.


First Registered July 2013

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First Registered July 2013

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By Birgitte Barkenæs RYT® 200

Jan 15, 2018

Full Review

By Nina Luo RYT® 200

Sep 20, 2017

Such incredible teaching! I loved the focus on joint protection, aligning breath and developing breath, chanting and meditation, and more. Felt very strongly that my teachers not only had the knowledge of yoga, but lived and practiced it every day. The training is a great spiritual education in aspects of Hinduism as well, and the school is decidedly "non-Western." I felt like I received a training that was closer to the roots of yoga than I might have elsewhere. Full Review

All Reviews (6)
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