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352 West 12th Avenue

Eugene, OR, USA

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About Everyday People Yoga

EPY is a donation-based Vinyasa yoga studio and school for yoga teachers offering 21 day residential yoga teacher training retreats in Oregon, California, and Costa Rica. Everyday People Yoga’s aim is to create a sacred space for the cultivation of spirituality....

EPY is a donation-based Vinyasa yoga studio and school for yoga teachers offering 21 day residential yoga teacher training retreats in Oregon, California, and Costa Rica. Everyday People Yoga’s aim is to create a sacred space for the cultivation of spirituality. The yoga classes we offer attempt to eliminate competition, judgement, and exclusivity. The donation model has been established to allow for genuine seekers from all walks of life to experience the benefits of yoga.

Our teacher training program emphasizes direct experience as the key to both personal transformation, and becoming an outstanding teacher. We spend many hours each day practicing a wide array of methods that are part of the yogic path.

Discussion is favored over lecture. Dogma is replaced with universal spiritual laws that are heart-centered. This training is for honest seekers that believe in a Higher Power at work in our lives. 

Our program is open to dedicated practitioners, regardless of perceived physical ability. The curriculum has been carefully selected to reflect yoga's spiritual tradition.

First Registered July 2013

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First Registered July 2013

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Total Reviews: 26

By Colin Andrew Taylor E-RYT® 200

Nov 18, 2018

My heart has grown wings! I recommend this training to all genuine seekers who long for a very unique opportunity to dive deeply into the foundations of Yoga; not only as an instructor in a classroom or yoga studio, but as an ancient science of God Realization. This school offers outstanding instruction in the posture practice, as well as sincere opportunities for spiritual immersion into the nature of the mind, the human experience, and the infinite reservoir of Divine Consciousness within. This training is intensely beautiful! A lot of the information and practices we explored have been developed by India's Yoga Masters over thousands of years to help bring humanity deeper into our conscious experience, and to merge with the Divine. As such, a lot of my personal agendas and worldviews suffered to maintain their battle against the Divine Love that lives buried underneath them. All of my deepest fears, insecurities, trauma and shadows were given safe space to emerge and release. Before the training, I was beset with a dozen physical ailments both acute and chronic. "You will take away what you put in," they say... I gave my full heart and presence to this training, and now I walk through my days with a lifetime's worth of practices and knowledge for my continued exploration. The asana practice and instruction was thorough and challenging, the philosophy was (is) alive and ultimately impeccable, the meditations were peaceful, the discourses rich with ancient wisdom. For those of us who find discontent with physical fitness and Western anatomy, the training offered a supplemental, intimate look into the applications of Patanjali's 8 limbs of Yoga, Thai massage, yogic diet, Mantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga (singing, celebration and devotion) and the subtle energy bodies - the Chakras, Nadis and Koshas. Integration was, at times, difficult. The training happens very quickly and the body-mind can sometimes reject the soul's urge to transform and evolve. There were some incredibly tense and vulnerable moments, each weekend. But my peers were absolutely inspiring! Several of us have become close friends. If you see the injustices of the world and feel inspired to activate as an agent for awakening Universal Love on planet Earth, this must be the place! if you are not afraid to look deeply at your own life: your mind, opinions, worldview, personality, spirituality and community involvement, this training will be of great service to you! My teacher, Phoenix Desmond, has (for 3 years now) continued to be a compassionate support for my personal growth, as a spiritual seeker and also as a teacher. He has not once in this time told me what to do or where to look what to think or where to go - only held space for me to dive deeper into my own mind and consciousness. The gratitude in my heart for this training is unspeakable, but can be seen in the joy I share in my life, it can be known by my continued service to Everyday People Yoga. The teachers there are 95% graduates, and it truly speaks to the power of this school and its community of students. Truly, my heart has grown wings! May All beings everywhere be peaceful and happy. Jai Jai Ma! Shanti Shanti Shanti Full Review

By Shelley Littin RYT® 200

Jul 05, 2018

Despite agreeing with the yogic lifestyle values emphasized at this school, I was deeply unsettled by religious zealousness, use of the yamas as coercive mechanisms to persuade students that any disagreement with the teacher would be unrighteous, and apparent contradictions in teaching values: the ideals of acceptance and compassion were verbally expressed, yet myself and my classmates were shamed for not participating in ritualistic chanting, criticized for different personal values and for our sexuality, and threatened with negative karmic consequences for sharing our experiences in the class with others. I hope that the disconnect between the goals of this school and the teaching behavior that is so off-putting for some students can be resolved in the future. Full Review

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Teaching Staff

Phoenix Desmond

E-RYT® 200

Dianna Frans Dianna Frans

RYT® 200

Matt Shinkai Kane

E-RYT® 200, YACEP®

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