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336 Eagle Street North

Cambridge, ON, Canada

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About Fusionmovement Yoga Studios

For ten years Natasja has been leading the 200 hours yoga teacher training program (Fusionmovement Yoga studios) What makes Natasja's 200 hours training stand out from others ? Natasja has over the years continued her own personal development as a teacher by furthering...

For ten years Natasja has been leading the 200 hours yoga teacher training program (Fusionmovement Yoga studios)
What makes Natasja's 200 hours training stand out from others ? Natasja has over the years continued her own personal development as a teacher by furthering her knowledge of yoga and travelled to India to study with a Himalayan - Yogic vedantic yoga teacher; Anand Mehrotra from Sattva Yoga Academy. Yoga is not just about the physical postures, in fact it is only a very small part of the actual path of Yoga. If we as teachers only focus on the physical alignment and the physical benefits of yoga we have a very lopsided approach. The purpose of yoga is not to sculpt the body and contort the body into advanced complex postures, no its true purpose is the to transcend body consciousness and one's identity of primarily being the physical body. Otherwise we have missed the entire point of yoga, which ultimately is about leading oneself back into a state of unification to one's true nature where mind, body and spirit are in complete balance and alignment. Therefor Natasja's teacher training program has the potential for you to experience immense personal growth, transformation and evolution and it is in that experience you will be able to inspire your students due to your own inner experience to the wisdom. The 200 hours RYT  program is focused on how to teach and embody Vinyasa (Flow Yoga) and Hatha yoga , and has a strong focus and attention on practicum as well we dive deep into the yogic wisdom of the eightfold path, anatomy of the physical and energy body (prana, chakras, nadis) , mudras, pranayama, kriya, Ayurveda and meditation. We also cover specialty areas such as older population, pre-and postnatal yoga and children's yoga. We are very proud to share that 99% of our graduates work immediately upon graduation as a registered yoga teachers.
Fusionmovement Yoga Studios was founded in May, 2009 by owner and founder; Natasja Payne. Due to CoVid Natasja has closed Fusionmovement Yoga studio but now teaches out of the beautiful Galt Collective Studio in Cambridge.

Natasja's back ground and trainings:

Fitness Instructor Specialist Can Fit Pro (2000)
Personal Training Specialist Can Fit Pro (2006)
200 hours YTT with Samudra School of yoga (2009)
200 hours Ayurveda Foundations School of Kripalu (2015)
300 hours Ayurvedic YTT with School of Kripalu (2015)
Jyotish Vedic Astrology Sattva Yoga Academy (2019)
300 hours YTT Sattva Yoga Academy (2020)
Master Teacher training Sattva Yoga Academy (2020)
Bhagavad Gita Course Sattva Yoga Academy (2020)
Saundari Lahiri Immersion Sattva Yoga Academy (2021)

First Registered June 2012

Online Services

Please visit our website at and click on class schedule. Currently 90% of our yoga classes and offerings are online only. A few in-studio classes are available every Tuesday morning at 9:30am and every last Thursday evening of the month at 7pm . When registered for online class you will receive the Zoom link for the class one hour prior to the start of the class. If you are unable to attend the live class as long as you are registered you will receive the recording later that day. Recordings can be downloaded or can be accessed for one month.
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Upcoming Training Dates

RYS® 300

May 1, 2021—Nov 28, 2021
300 hours Yoga Teacher Training Program
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First Registered June 2012

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By Shelly Fraser RYT® 200

Dec 28, 2020

Amazing instructors in a supportive environment Full Review

By Huda Ali RYT® 200

Sep 28, 2020

Full Review

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Teaching Staff

Kate Chandra O'Connor Kate Chandra O'Connor

E-RYT® 500

Natasja Payne

E-RYT® 500, YACEP®

Michele Dunsford

RYT® 500

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