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615 2 Avenue North

Saskatoon, SK S7K, Canada

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Kathleen Podiluk

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Flow Yoga

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Fitness Yoga

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About Namaskar Yoga Teacher Training

Namaskar Yoga Studio is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training School in Saskatchewan. Director: Kathleen Podiluk, E-RYT, RPYT, RYS, RPYS, Yoga Alliance. Namaskar Yoga Studio is located in downtown Saskatoon. * True yoga is inclusive. Everyone can benefit in a...

Namaskar Yoga Studio is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training School in Saskatchewan. Director: Kathleen Podiluk, E-RYT, RPYT, RYS, RPYS, Yoga Alliance. Namaskar Yoga Studio is located in downtown Saskatoon. * True yoga is inclusive. Everyone can benefit in a way that meets their own needs. Learn and practice yoga in a comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere. Relieve stress. Develop strength, flexibility, balance and confidence. Feel better! * Please see below for information on Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Classes at the studio.   Namaskar Yoga Saskatoon *Teacher Training Courses offered: * Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Program* *Yoga Teacher Certification 18 hour weekend modules: Basic - Intermediate - Advanced - Anatomy - Meditation - Philosophy* Continuing Education Modules: Yin Yoga - Yoga for Kids! - Yoga Nidra - Restorative Yoga. Namaskar Yoga also offers *Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification Training*. If you are interested in completing any or all of the Teacher Training Modules please email: for registration information. For information on Yoga Teacher Training module descriptions and dates please visit:  Namaskar Yoga Teacher Training        ****   Yoga Classes: Beginner * Gentle * Intermediate * Advanced * Power Yoga * Vinyasa Flow * Yin Yoga * Prenatal Yoga * Mom and Baby Yoga * Yoga for Curlers / Hockey Players / Golfers  ****  For details on Yoga Classes please visit:  Yoga Classes at Namaskar

First Registered December 2008

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First Registered December 2008

School Reviews

Total Reviews: 69

By Misty Urbatsch RYT® 200

Apr 10, 2018

The Namaskar 200 Hour YTR Program will forever sit in my heart as one of the positive and uplifting experiences I have ever taken part in. Kathleen and Doug both have extensive knowledge on the foundations of the many different aspects of yoga and they do an exceptional job at passing on their knowledge in a positive and respectful environment. The program is well laid out and has given me a broad knowledge base to work from, which has given me confidence to get out and teach yoga! The yogis you take your training with play just as an important role in the experience as the facilitators, and because Kathleen and Doug have such great attitudes they always attract the most kind hearted and fabulous yogis to learn with! Full Review

By Denise Leduc RYT® 200

Mar 27, 2018

I was so nervous beginning my yoga teacher training, but Kathleen and Doug put an amazing effort into creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone to pursue their yoga journey. They create an atmosphere where students and teachers become like a big extended family. I have learned so much over my training and feel confident going forward with my own teaching. I feel that I have come away with a well-rounded base of knowledge in yoga from the school. I would definitely recommend Namaskar Yoga to others and know I will be back for more trainings and workshops. Full Review

All Reviews (69)

Teaching Staff

Doug Podiluk

E-RYT® 200

Kathleen Podiluk


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