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Arambol Beach

Arambol, Goa, India

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Flow Yoga

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Fitness Yoga

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About Divya Yoga

Divya Yoga school is for giving best yogic knowledge, experience for development at physical,moral,mental,emotional,speiritual level. Here we bring together best yoga teachers, yoga lovers in loving ,joyful,caring, creative, positive atmosphere to bring out the best in...

Divya Yoga school is for giving best yogic knowledge, experience for development at physical,moral,mental,emotional,speiritual level. Here we bring together best yoga teachers, yoga lovers in loving ,joyful,caring, creative, positive atmosphere to bring out the best in us. We teach every student according to his or her individual needs and type for their maximum growth and progress . Here we not only give information and knowledge but ultimate aim is to give transformation in life of students by practical experience. Anybody who is having strong thirst to go deeper into yoga science, we provide a retreat to devote totally to transform your we give choices and teach different styles of yoga like Iyenger style hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa ,theapeutic yoga. YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSE IS TO HELP YOU TO LEARN DETAILS OF YOGA IN SIMPLEST, DETAILED AND LOVING WAY.You will learn how to teach to beginers, intermediate and advance level students .We give you best and maximum number of Pranayama ( breathing exercises) and meditations for your physical , mental, emotional, spiritual growth as compared to other yoga schools. It is guarantee we offer you best and maximum knowledge with experience as compared to any other yoga school who only emphasise on physical part and ignore other very very important aspects of yoga but we give you lots of focus on meditations and spiritual path also because yoga is more than physical part and there is mental, emotional and spiritual parts also of yoga which is very very important but ignored by many other yoga teachers and schools and that makes our school and training so special, unique and different as with us during the course you will feel lots of spiritual growth and positive mental, emotional and physical differences inside you.

First Registered March 2015


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  • 1.5 out of 5
    By: Auriane Belmont Dec 03, 2017

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      Divya Yoga’s 200-hour teacher training prepares its trainees to begin teaching the principles and techniques of yoga safely and competently.



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First Registered March 2015

School Reviews

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By Gabriela RYT® 200

Feb 12, 2018

Divya is a great teacher who creates a safe and peaceful environment whilst sharing his skill and knowledge. The small class size allows him to give some attention to everyone so that he can encourage you to improve at your own pace. He made me feel more confident and fluent in giving yoga instructions. Training was well organised for morning pranayam practice on the beach and practice in outdoor studio. You can be sure Divya focus on you and give you proper guidance to become confident yoga teacher. Full Review

By Josephine Arda RYT® 200

Feb 08, 2018

Yoga with Divya has been a nice intensive training. The morning routine includes about 6 type of meditations, 8 Pranayam and two hours of Hatha yoga, during which we were practicing about 50 poses. In the afternoon we had the opportunity to learn interesting and fundamental information about Ayurveda and Yoga Philosophy; when we had time we were also practicing Ashtanga, even if less than expected. If you have the opportunity to stay longer than a month, you can focus more on it with the teacher. We learned few new meditations, pranayam and asanas but we didn't have time to practice. The course is great and quite complete, Divya is flexible with topics/days/timing therefor if for once you want to focus on a different or more specific subject, he will help you. I am happy because I learned how to speak in front of a class and most important to give clear explications. We had the opportunity to teach full classes and to correct the students, that is a really precious experience. Full Review

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Teaching Staff

Divya Mangla

E-RYT® 500, YACEP®

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