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Camino a Playa Chamán, Uvita, Costa Rica

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About Bienestar - Uvita Yoga Shala

We offer classes in Yoga that focus on basic postures, breathe, awareness and meditation techniques in order to develop strength, flexibility of the body, mental clarity and a general sense of wellbeing. We respect the differences and needs of each individual in-group...

We offer classes in Yoga that focus on basic postures, breathe, awareness and meditation techniques in order to develop strength, flexibility of the body, mental clarity and a general sense of wellbeing. We respect the differences and needs of each individual in-group or private practice. Yoga is an ever deepening and expanding discipline, which through regular practice unite body, breathe and mind. You are never to out of shape, overweight, to old or to ill to benefit from yoga that is taught specifically for your conditions.
We offer 200 Yoga Teacher Training programs and Continuing Education Classes for yoga teachers at all levels.
So we gather on a wooden platform under the rainforest trees, surrounded by nature, a short walk to the beach, to offer you yoga, meditation, mindfulness, serenity and at times, crazy joy and allot of laughter.                                                                         

First Registered August 2014


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First Registered August 2014

School Reviews

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By Kellen Stutes RYT® 200

Jun 24, 2021

Full Review

By Kelly Berkley RYT® 200

Jun 22, 2021

Lura really dedicates herself to her yoga teacher trainings and provides an environment that allows you to fully focus on the program and learning. She is rooted in science, sharing evidence-based information, and takes care to attribute all information provided to credible resources. She values teaching more traditional yoga while adding in any modifications brought about by modern science. She values the teaching process and teaching asanas safely. This is evidenced in many ways but perhaps the most obvious and telling is by the fact that she keeps her yoga teacher trainings to 6 people or fewer so that she can truly teach each individual. By doing this, she is also teaching you how to teach each asana in a safe way. You'll be able to provide people with better instruction on how to do each asana as well as recognize when someone needs a modification because everyone's body is different. Her yoga teacher training is also 28 days which is longer than most in the Americas (from what I saw when I was researching yoga teacher trainings in the west) which I think shows her commitment to doing the training justice. She is a yoga therapist and places a high emphasis on well-being over being able to twist yourself into a pretzel. She also taught yoga history in a way that I finally understood all the different schools of thought and how it all fits together (what came first, what grew out of what, where different ideas and approaches came from, etc). I also appreciated that she addressed the fact that guru's/teachers can lose their way and not to follow blindly. Because of the small class size we were able to ask all the questions we wanted and get truly individualized feedback and attention. Even with the pranayama, she was observing how we were each breathing and provide feedback. I don't see how that type of thing would have been possible with a large class. The anatomy teacher, Julie, is a physical therapist who is new to teaching anatomy to yoga students but she was a total natural at it. We all looked forward to her class. I was grateful to learn anatomy from her. She really cared to make sure you understood the material and took care to make it digestible for a beginner. If she saw a confused look on my face she would stop her lecture and, in a caring way, ask me if I had a question. She made it a very comfortable and effective learning environment. I learned so much from her. As a fun aside, she evaluated each of us for our stance, our feet, the state of our shoe treads and let us know if we each wore the right type of shoe for our individual physical needs. I feel really good about what I learned from her and found it all very interesting! I would have enjoyed having even more than the required 20 hours of anatomy. Stephanie made the delicious breakfasts and lunches and has really good energy! She was a pleasure! I am vegan and celiac and another girl in the program had a nut and banana allergy so we really put them to the test but they handled it all with ease and I really enjoyed the food! It is important to Lura to provide her students with whole foods (no processed foods) and mostly organic meals. It felt great and I learned some new recipes. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions about my experience at Bienestar. Full Review

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Teaching Staff

Lura Doebler Shopteau

E-RYT® 500, YACEP®

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