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About The Kaivalya Yoga Method

The Kaivalya Yoga Method has been formulated after over a decade of dedicated study and research and teaching experience. It is a comprehensive compilation of the fundamentals of yoga directed at creating teachers who can translate this ancient practice for a modern-day...

The Kaivalya Yoga Method has been formulated after over a decade of dedicated study and research and teaching experience. It is a comprehensive compilation of the fundamentals of yoga directed at creating teachers who can translate this ancient practice for a modern-day audience while staying true to yoga’s highest aim.

As a graduate, you will receive:

  • A top-quality, advanced level education that exceeds Yoga Alliance standards of training, and is designed to empower today’s teachers to intelligently work with and inspire students
  • Personalized training by Alanna Kaivalya in the fields of Alignment, Philosophy, Teaching Methodology, Sequencing, Psychology, Mythology and more
  • One-on-one instruction in an environment committed to learning, development and real integration and application of skills
  • A comprehensive in-depth manual for each module
  • 200, 300, or 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher eligibility with Yoga Alliance.


Alchemical Sequencing and the Subtle Body

  • Learn and practice applied sequencing techniques with direct focus on the application to yoga practice and working intelligently with students
  • Subtle Anatomy including extensive work with the chakra system for aligning the energetic body
  • Understand how to be creative yet safe within your sequencing while working with the mechanics of the body and seeing through the asana to create sequences that stretch, strengthen and invigorate the whole person
  • Successful teaching skills including: vocal training and concise cueing

Yoga Sutra, Philosophy & Psychology

  • Yoga Philosophy including: Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita, and an exploration of Upanishadic & Puranic texts
  • Learn the basics of depth psychology and its essential addition to the yoga practice in order to aid in more complete psychological and spiritual transformation
  • Understand how to weave the essential philosophy of yoga into your teaching to give students a fuller experience of a holistic, transformational yoga practice

Insightful Alignment and Anatomy

  • Learn the “holes” in asana practice and how to fill them with a deep intelligence of alignment and body mechanics
  • Through the techniques of insightful alignment, you will learn the universal application of intelligent alignment in almost every posture in the asana practice
  • Learn how to work with a wide variety of special needs to serve students from a variety of backgrounds and levels
  • Fluidly work with the body as a tool to allow students greater comfort in their practice of asana through thinking outside the box with modifications, props, adjustments and alignment

Bhakti, Mythology & Nada Yoga

  • Discover the magic of music, kirtan and chant as part of a complete transformational yoga practice, and how to weave these elements seamlessly into your teaching practice
  • Understand the power of meditation and how to teach it to a wide range of students
  • Explore more deeply the sacred myths of yoga from the Ramayana, the Puranas and other texts


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Individual modules may also be taken for continuing education credits.

First Registered April 2012


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First Registered April 2012

School Reviews

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By Margo Yoga RYT® 500

Dec 10, 2023

I thoroughly appreciated the exceptional quality and informational richness of The Kaivalya Yoga Method Academy's online teacher training program. The program's clarity and meticulously organized format greatly enhanced my learning experience. The flexibility to progress at my own pace was invaluable, allowing me to absorb the extensive amount of information provided. Accessing such a high-quality online program was truly a rewarding and enriching opportunity. Full Review

By Carmen Malouf Florek RYT® 200

Dec 08, 2023

The school and the mentors are incredible and responsive. I’ve learned so much and feel like I can reach out to them any time I need guidance and motivation. I love their community sense. I feel very knowledgeable about my teaching and feel like I accomplished so much and more to come! Full Review

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Teaching Staff

Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D.

E-RYT® 500, YACEP®

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