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334 Street 5, Al Giza Desert, Egypt

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About Cinderella Yoga School

The Yoga Teachers Training in Egypt Egypt has always been a symbol of unity, and its endeavor towards the perfection and unity reflects in various corners and aspects. Experience the uniqueness of physical, psychological and spiritual bliss with our Yoga teachers training...

The Yoga Teachers Training in Egypt

Egypt has always been a symbol of unity, and its endeavor towards the perfection and unity reflects in various corners and aspects.
Experience the uniqueness of physical, psychological and spiritual bliss with our Yoga teachers training program.
We have the best renowned Yoga teachers among our team briniging and under one roof.

Our Cinderella Yoga team is a leading and name for teachers training of Yoga in Egypt and we offer a multitude of courses like RYT200 YACEP 50 and 100 Hours with proficiency.
We are a certified, accredited and recognized Yoga teaching institute holding the permissions from Yoga alliance.
Emphasizing on bringing the mental and physical peace and revolutionary changes to our learners and students, our teaching is tightly focused on body postures, yoga alignments, meditations, and comfort.

Yoga Teacher Training Course Details

Yoga culture has arisen to be one of the most popular movements of century and people all around the world are aware of the benefits it caters.
Most of these populaces are seeking Yoga training from proficient and experienced Yoga teachers/gurus, who want to shed lights on the techniques, impart knowledge and share the benefits of science of Yoga.
For many years, Yoga lovers and seekers have been frequently visiting India to learn the Yoga teachers training.
Our Cinderella Yoga Program is the right opportunity for those learners.
We strive on acquiring the higher goals of Yoga, i.e. aligning your body, and mind with inner stillness, traditional yoga experience to a new level and spreading the tenets of this high in demand art, yet you can do this with Indian teachers and gurus alongside with Egyptian ones in Egypt.

Our RYT200 course helps you to learn how to align the body as per described by the Yoga principles through the Yogic posture practices, and postures.
While our smaller programs focus on how to explore the different asanas with an aspect that familiarizes you with more simple forms.
These yoga practices are a fusion of Vedic sciences, traditional Yoga and thus the learner can become a good and able teacher as well.
Not only the training will embed healthy, flexible, meditative and peaceful practices at your personal level but you will also gain an insight certain tips and subtle points through which you can share your knowledge and experience with family and friends.

Yoga is a form of art and science and that’s why we believe it cannot be bounded by books or protocols. Just like Yoga inculcates flexibility on level, it also teaches the mental flexibility.
Each individual has its own weakness and strengths and we respect that.
Keeping in mind those weaknesses and strengths as well as the limitations, we teach each student differently.
The experienced Acharyas and Gurus keep a close look on each student as they progress and take them to next stage when so ever it is needed.

At Cinderella Yoga, we are proficient trainers of Hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga  Though all these styles have been adopted from ancient Yoga, yet they are very contemporary in delivering the peace of mind. The training also includes yogic postures, cleansing, mudras, pranayama, and meditation.

Yoga along with times has evolved and diversified to different styles and some teachers and gurus have evolved their own versions of Yoga, a personal adaptation of poses and some have also added their inputs creating new elements of this ancient science.
Each of these adaptations has their own benefits of working.


Cinderella Yoga team

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First Registered March 2018

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Apr 08, 2023

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Aug 06, 2022

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E-RYT® 500, YACEP®


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