We are building a community not as an end in itself but to create a communication forum where the yoga community can network, share ideas and establish important professional relationships that will provide lifelong intellectual and emotional sustenance.

Our community is both virtual and face-to-face and has national, local and international components. Here are some ways our members can get involved in Yoga Alliance’s community:


The Local Community Initiative

We’re looking for yoga teachers, studio owners, school directors, and other yoga enthusiasts to become a part of this movement to better serve the yoga community. The Local Community Initiative (LCI) aims to create a safe space for communication and networking, identify and support local leaders, and start a grassroots network that will become a united voice for the yoga community for any future regulatory issues.

Annual Conference

The Business of Yoga Conference is our annual event focused solely on supporting yoga professionals—both studio owners and independent yoga teachers. Our conference provides an opportunity for members to meet each other in person, network and exchange best practices. Members of Yoga Alliance receive discounts on conference registration.

Become a Partner

Yoga Alliance selectively partners with companies to provide our community with supportive programs. We strive to create services that help our yoga community find a little more balance or sattva in their work and in their daily lives as yoga teachers, schools, studios and human beings.


Our committee members are volunteers who provide advice to Yoga Alliance in several areas, as representatives of the larger yoga community. Annually, Yoga Alliance staff will reach out to the community to solicit and select members for the committees.

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