What is the Next Generation of Yoga Alliance?

The Next Generation is about living up to the promise of our new mission—to spread the power of yoga, one person at a time. We want to empower our members to join us in carrying out this mission. That’s why we’ve been working to radically transform all aspects of our organization and enhance the value of your membership.

We’re expanding member perks and offering more workshops and educational resources. In the next few months, we’ll continue to tune the programs and resources that we’ve already rolled out and will also introduce some new ones.

The Next Generation of Yoga Alliance is just getting started. We hope you’re as excited as we are to watch it take off.

And, we count on your feedback on things you like and any recommendations for the future. Take this two-question survey to share your thoughts.


Meet the Next Generation of Yoga Alliance:



As part of the Next Generation of Yoga Alliance, we’re updating policies so they’re most relevant to your life and business. RYSs and RYTs, here’s what you need to know:


New Online Accounts for RYSs and RYTs

RYSs have new online accounts where you can pay your renewal fee online, edit your school profile, add faculty or programs, enter your syllabus, read reviews (from trainees) and download your registry marks.

RYTs have enhanced online accounts where you can download your registry marks and print a current registry ID card whenever you like!

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New Profile Pages

Schools and teachers can showcase their teaching specialties to potential students on new profile pages linked to our directory.


Social Credentialing

We’re introducing Social Credentialing—a combination of our traditional standards and the best practices of social ratings sites. Learn more about how it works below.

RYSs, check out What’s New for RYSs to find out what the Next Generation means for you!


Learn more about Social Credentialing in these videos: 




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