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Next Generation of YA Resource Center

Learn about our how we've strengthened our credentialing system, improved our directory, and added value to your YA membership with a host of member perks and benefits. ...

The Business of Yoga

Visit our resource center to watch excerpts of sessions from last year’s conference (only members have access to the full-length videos). Learn about everything from attention management to the visual history of yoga. ...

Online Workshop on Social Credentialing

Join us on April 24, 2014 from 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST to learn the vision and goals of our new Social Credentialing system, including the growing need for oversight of teacher training programs, how Social Credentialing protects diversity and the importance of verified/non-anonymous feedback. ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common queries we receive about membership, registration, searching the directory, and more. ...



The Case for Social Credentialing

As the popularity of yoga in the United States grows each year, the need for increased rigor and oversight of teacher-training programs also rises. [To meet the increasing demand for oversight,] Yoga Alliance launched the online-based Social Credentialing system, which promotes safe and competent yoga teaching.


Getting Started with Your RYT Profile

There’s no better way to introduce yourself to the online yoga community than by completing your RYT profile, but no doubt this task requires time and personal reflection. To help members get started, we held a RYT Profile Contest from February 20 – March 31st. Split up into five assignments, the contest prompted participants to complete and share with us different aspects of their profiles—the bio, pictures, teaching hours, types of yoga taught and teaching experience. ...


Yoga Videos 101

This week we present our tenth business of yoga video session release—Kellie Adkins's talk, "Yoga Videos 101: Grow Your Audience, Grow Your Income." Kellie explains how yoga teachers and studio owners can create compelling Internet videos to promote their businesses and reach their desired audience.  ...


Sales Culture at Your Yoga Studio

This week we present our ninth Business of Yoga video session release—Phil Swain's talk, "Developing a Sales Culture at Your Yoga Studio." Swain explains how you can translate enthusiasm about practicing yoga into the business side of the industry so you can grow your student base and retain membership. ...

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