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Eka Recovery Fund for Yoga Professionals

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis, Yoga Alliance Foundation (YAF) introduced an Emergency Relief Fund for yoga professionals suffering economic hardship. As a follow-on to this work, we are now introducing a second phase of assistance that invests in recovery: the Eka Recovery Fund—inspired by the Sanskrit word eka, which celebrates unity, equality, and balance.

The Eka Recovery Fund supports yoga professionals in returning to and/or sustaining their work and sponsors activities that facilitate economic recovery and align with YAF’s mission: leveraging yoga for social impact, and fostering an expansive, accessible, and equitable yoga community. This Fund work has begun by focusing on the intersection of economic recovery, yoga service, and community outreach.

Many marginalized communities are disproportionally affected by the pandemic and by the bio-psycho-social impact of stress. They also often face more barriers to yoga, which can serve as a valuable tool for all communities that continue to experience high levels of stress, uncertainty, and social isolation, particularly among those that are hit hardest by the COVID-19 crisis.

To support ongoing access to yoga and to provide economic recovery support to yoga professionals, YAF has introduced a “Teaching for Equity” pilot program as the first activity of the Eka Recovery Fund. This pilot provides financial support for yoga teachers with a history of teaching yoga to marginalized communities and extends access to yoga to those who may have historically been left out of the practice. This program is a global initiative and supports our organizational goal of greater equity (diversity, inclusivity and accessibility) in yoga.

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Donations to the Yoga Alliance Foundation Emergency Fund expand the impact of the "Teaching for Equity" pilot program and of our ongoing COVID-19 assistance.

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A Community-Centered Approach

To sustain a thoughtful and community-centered approach, the program draws on input from an advisory committee representing a cross-section of perspectives and lived experiences. This committee weighs in on criteria for the selection process and helps to ensure an equitable and accessible application process.

Eka Recovery Fund Partners

In order to implement the pilot objectively, responsively, and swiftly, YAF is continuing its collaboration with strategic partner Ivy Child International, which administered the Foundation’s formative Emergency Relief Fund.

In selecting partners, we prioritize organizations whose work is anchored in yogic values; aligns with the our mission of leveraging yoga for social impact; and fosters an expansive, accessible, and equitable yoga community. Foundation partners demonstrate a proven track record of providing support to communities and individuals facing monetary hardships, the capacity to execute an equitable and transparent application and payment process, and a strong history of financial health.

Our Partner

Ivy Child International

Ivy Child International is a global nonprofit that partners with systems of education and care to enhance well-being through innovative and culturally responsive programs. In our shared vision to create more ways to support the community, Ivy Child joins forces to broaden and build access, equity, and inclusion with its worldwide network of diverse teachers.

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Your monetary gift will support yoga professionals’ livelihoods and their important work in sharing this healing practice. We thank you for your contribution in helping us continue to foster the high quality, safe, accessible, and equitable teaching of yoga.

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The Yoga & Resilience digital event series highlights yoga teachers from around the globe who have carved pathways of innovation, service, discovery, and community throughout the COVID-19 crisis, using yoga as a source of support and grounding.

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