RYS Faculty and Staff Roles and Requirements


Owners are the legal owner and representative of the school applying with the Yoga Alliance Registry. Only Owners may create school accounts, and they must accept the RYS Ownership agreement and agree to the Code of Conduct. After an Owner creates a school account, they may add other Owners and/or assign certain roles to other staff (such as Syllabus Manager, Program Manager, or Profile Manager). 

Syllabus Managers may edit the school’s syllabi, as the name implies. Syllabus Managers can:

  • create a new syllabus and/or edit existing syllabi
  • confirm/deny/request affiliate relationships
  • add and/or delete trainers
  • select a track’s Lead Trainer(s)
  • create new tracks**/edit existing tracks for the school, and
  • assign the roles of Program Managers and Profile Managers to the school’s account
  • add and pay for additional locations

Program Managers are responsible for editing and maintaining the school’s programs. They can:

  • add a new program, including entering/uploading trainee information, start date, completion date, assign program Lead Trainer(s), and assign program locations
  • edit locations
  • confirm when a trainee completes a program, either by checking them as completed in the system or by confirming a registration request from a former trainee

Profile Managers may edit the school’s public profile. They may:

  • edit pictures in the photo gallery
  • upload profile images, and edit content in the About section
  • edit locations
  • add and edit the school’s teaching staff and types of yoga offered, which appear on the online profile
*Note: Owners, Syllabus Managers, Program Managers, and/or Profile Managers are not required to be RYTs. 

Lead Trainer(s) must be active E-RYTs at the corresponding level of training or higher they are providing:

  • For RYS 200s: Lead Trainer(s) must be an E-RYT 200 or higher; a RYS track may have no more than two Lead Trainers
  • For RYS 300 or RYS 500: Lead Trainer(s) must be an E-RYT 500; a RYS track may have no more than five Lead Trainers
  • For RCYS (Children’s) and RPYS (Prenatal), Lead Trainer(s) must carry the corresponding specialty designation (RCYT or RPYT) along with the corresponding E-RYT designation.

Non-RYTs are permitted to teach as part of your teacher training faculty. The individual must have at least 100 hours of experience/instruction in the educational category they are teaching.


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