How to Register

We welcome your application to become a Registered Yoga Teacher or Registered Yoga School. Learn more about how to apply below.


Applications for new teachers and access for existing members to renew, upgrade, enter continuing education or edit their profiles are available now. Click the "log in" or "create account" link in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. 

Watch the video below or follow the steps below to register as a teacher:


  1. Create an Account. Go to create an account and enter your basic information (name, email, password).
  2. Complete your Application. From your new account dashboard, you will then submit:
    • Desired RYT designation (e.g., RYT 200)
    • The name of the RYS you attended
    • Date you completed training
    • Electronic copy of your certificate
  3. Wait for RYS Confirmation. Your RYS must confirm that you completed training. When you submit your application, your RYS will be notified via email that you’re waiting for confirmation. Once they’ve confirmed that you completed their program, you will be notified via email and invited to complete your registration.
  4. Enter Teaching Hours. You can log teaching hours in your dashboard at any point in the application process. Teaching hours are required for all designations except RYT 200.
  5. Pay Your Fees. When you’re ready to complete your registration, visit your account dashboard to pay your membership fees.
  6. Evaluate Your RYS. After paying, click the “Review Now” button to evaluate your RYS. If you forgot to do so after submitting your payment, you can return to your dashboard and the “Review Now” button will appear there as well.

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Update posted Apr. 17, 2014

We are currently unable to accept new school applications as we continue to test and debug our new online application system, which is replacing our old paper-based application process.

However, if you are already a RYS and would like to upgrade (add a new track or designation), you can log in to your account and do so now! View our FAQ on how to upgrade a RYS.

We plan to reopen RYS applications to everyone soon. Add your name to this list and we will notify you when we're ready for you to apply.

For now, you can create a Basic User Account and prepare your syllabus so that you're ready to apply as soon as we announce that we'll be accepting applications—this will make the process run more smoothly and quickly for you. To prepare your syllabus: Review and utilize the Syllabus Guide (PDF) and the Syllabus Worksheet (XLS) (PDF). You will be able to copy and paste information from the worksheet into the online application.

Additional Resources for Schools

  • Syllabus Guide (PDF) - a guide designed to help you understand how to prepare and successfully submit a syllabus using the Syllabus Wizard in our RYS online application form

  • Syllabus Worksheet - examples of syllabus entries and a blank worksheet for you to use when preparing the syllabus for your RYS (XLS) (PDF)


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find answers to the most common questions we receive.

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