Alternative RYT Registration Options

Last Modified: December 31, 2017

In order to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (“RYT”), applicants must provide proof of successful completion of a Registered Yoga School’s (“RYS”) yoga teacher training. In order to meet this requirement, most registrants will provide a certificate from their RYS. Some applicants may be unable to provide a certificate from their RYS that meets the Yoga Alliance requirements (particularly those who graduated in the past and/or whose schools are no longer in existence).

These applicants must still meet the Yoga Alliance requirements – i.e., their RYS and the Designation must have been current during the applicant’s training. If an applicant is unable to provide a certificate that meets Yoga Alliance’s requirements, only the following are acceptable alternatives for application:

  1. A letter from the RYS on the school’s letterhead emailed from the school’s email account where:
    a) the RYS school name in the letterhead matches the name Yoga Alliance has on file for the school,
    b) the school’s email matches the email of the school or one of the owners that Yoga Alliance has on file, and
    c) the letter includes the handwritten signature of one of the school's owners

    (After validating the email address, school name, and signature, Yoga Alliance staff will provide the email in pdf format to the applicant to be uploaded in their registration process in place of the school certificate.)

  2. OR

  3. A letter from the RYS on the school’s letterhead uploaded by the applicant where:
    a) the RYS school name in the letterhead matches the name Yoga Alliance has on file for the school, and
    b) the name and signature match a certificate that Yoga Alliance already has on file and that has been directly uploaded by the RYS.


  4. Letters from three fellow trainees who:
    a) took the same program/training with the applicant,
    b) provide Yoga Alliance with their certificates that meet the requirements, and
    c) who are willing to provide a sworn notarized affidavit in a format provided by Yoga Alliance affirming that they completed the training with the applicant and that to the best of their personal knowledge they believe the applicant successfully completed the training.

    Proof of payment to the RYS or proof at attendance at the RYS training program are not acceptable alternatives to a RYS certificate that meets Yoga Alliance requirements because neither demonstrate successful completion of the program.
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